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  • Policy Votes

    Policy Votes

    In 2019 I read ‘How to Change Your Mind‘ by Michael Pollan after having a few low dosage mushroom experiences. It was fun! But a part of me wondered if this was a good idea, and more specifically if my shareholders would approve. Ever since becoming a publicly traded person I’ve tried to balance my […]

  • Social Media Dark Mode

    Social Media Dark Mode

    We know social media is bad for society but we use it anyway. As much as I love connecting with people, doing so in an environment that is actively harmful feels like too high a price. How should a person exist online? That is the question I put to my shareholders in April of 2022. […]

  • November Challenge: Strangers

    November Challenge: Strangers

    With 36% support, a clear example of why need to update the weejee voting system, the shareholders have endorsed the idea of reaching out to strangers this month. 📧 Reach Out to a Stranger – I was thinking how great it was to meet so many people at the talk in Vienna and wondered if […]

  • Do I Believe in Ghosts?

    Do I Believe in Ghosts?

    I think I saw a ghost. The problem is that I don’t believe in ghosts. At least, I don’t think I do… So I’m going to tell the story and then let you decide in a vote: 👻 Do I Believe in Ghosts? As I was driving back home to Los Angeles, CA from visiting […]

  • July Challenge: Track Spending

    July Challenge: Track Spending

    The July Challenge was Record and Share Every Purchase which won at 33% support over “read five books” (21%) and “Go to a different LA Neighborhood every day” (15%)… so I made a spreadsheet. Then Lillian did her livestream where she talked about her finances and so I kind of invited myself on as a […]

  • June Challenge: Wake Up At 5am

    June Challenge: Wake Up At 5am

    The June challenge was almost over, with the majority of votes going to “Keep fresh flowers in the house.” I was excited, Kathryn was excited, and I was already looking up the public hours for the flower market when suddenly Josh came in and ruined the whole thing. He tipped the vote to “Wake up […]

  • May Challenge: New Place Each Week

    May Challenge: New Place Each Week

    For the month of May the shareholders set a challenge of going to a new place each week*. This was a great challenge for coming out of the pandemic restrictions and pushing me to new routes and businesses. New Places Visited: Wittmore Store – Arts District I didn’t buy anything but I was in the […]

  • Kill Tuesday

    Kill Tuesday

    Back in 2010 Josh Berezin wrote, “Workplace trends in the Western world include: higher hourly productivity, along with an increasing number of work hours. And to what end? Historically high levels of wealth disparity, along with record unemployment.” His proposed end was to move to a six day week with the belief that this would […]

  • March Challenge: Sleep

    I put up a vote on February 28th, 2021 with the option of undertaking a challenge for the month of March. The options and the results were as follows: (As shareholder Hubbard pointed out in the comments, we should be using ranked voting for these kinds of decisions.) I’m excited for the “challenge” of getting […]

  • Become a member of the LA Chapter of the Democratic Socialists

    Become a member of the LA Chapter of the Democratic Socialists

    I am very serious about selling shares in myself. You could even say I’m deadly serious. But the impulse of KmikeyM has always been to experiment and play with capitalism. The slogan I’ve used for years, “Community Through Capitalism” is about how relationships are built because of capitalism. It’s a multiplayer game and by selling shares of myself […]