Hamburger Business Review Series Order

On March 15th, 2023 I ordered a pilot episode of Hamburger Business Review cohosted by me and Zach Rose. The initial pitch that sold me on the idea was that Zach and I would read and the discuss a Harvard Business Review case study about McDonald’s. Harvard Business Review has over thirty case studies about McDonald’s which creates a lot of opportunity.

Zach’s expertise on burgers and his recent McTrot accomplishment (he visited every McDonald’s in Manhattan in a 24 hour period) puts him in a unique position to dive into all things business and McDonald’s. I bring my experience as a co-host (Bright Future of Tobacco and Experimental Garden Group) in business podcasts and McDonald’s was also my first job as a teenager.

We recorded the pilot on Saturday March 18th and spent a few days producing the episode. While we worked on a shoestring budget with no professional equipment we were able to create a compelling podcast episode.

(you can also listen on YouTube)

We recorded the pilot and it was incredibly easy to fill 30 minutes (I had to edit a bit out!). I already have ideas to improve the quality, our workflow, and production value. Now I’ll take this to the shareholders and ask that they support a limited series order of ten episodes.

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