2024 Q1 Policy Votes

At the beginning of 2023 I started to experiment with “always on” policy votes. These votes represent some aspect of my life that is controlled by shareholders, but rather than a single vote the votes can shift and change at any time.

I wrote about the start of this experiment with the launch of my opinion on crypto in March of 2023:

Policy Votes are designed to be a dynamic way for shareholders to update my high level opinions, policies, and principles with an ‘always on’ voting system. This initial test of the idea uses the same voting framework but with an extended voting period.

The first three live policies were based on previous votes, and they resulted in updates to those original positions. Today we’re updating them again and adding a new policy.

Crypto based on My Official Position on Cryptocurrency

The original vote in September of 2019 set my opinion on cryptocurrency as Interested (57%):

KmikeyM is fascinated by the promise of crypto but has a wait and see approach regarding the implementation because involvement requires a high technical understanding and few safeguards. He would not advise anyone to invest more than a token amount.

Moving this to Policy Votes in February of 2023 the shareholders updated my position to Skeptical (70%).

KmikeyM believes that crypto is an interesting idea, but is skeptical of mainstream adoption and wouldn’t advise participation beyond entertainment purposes.

As part of a standardization I’m resetting the options for the Crypto Policy to six levels of opinion with an option to abstain, which in this case is a vote to have no official position. Vote Here.

Psychedelics based on Using Psychedelics

The original vote from October of 2019 was 82% in favor of experimentation with psychedelics, and that vote was replicated as a policy vote in May of 2023 where support expanded to 96%.

However, this was set up as a Yes or No vote and so I’m updating this with six levels as well. Vote Here.

Super Hero Movies based on No More Tights

In January of 2017 I posted a Yes/No question about watching Marvel and DC movies and TV and 55% voted for me to stop watching them. In April of 2023 we updated this with several options and it fluctuated from No Super Hero Movies or TV to Watch ALL Super Hero Movies and finally landed on Only If You Know Them (72%) which stated:

Living in LA you’re going to meet some sound or VFX person (or become best friends with Paul Rudd) and it will be weird to not watch what they helped make.

While it was set to “Watch All” I started watching the MCU movies based on the in-universe chronological order. I only watched two of them before the vote changed.

I’m updating the options with the new standard of six, but it stays pretty close to the original options. Vote Here.

✨ New Policy Vote: Morning Routine

I’m a reluctant morning person. While I love to sleep more than most people I know, I also find I am in a better mood if I wake up early. The early hours are mine alone and help prepare me for a productive and satisfying day. But when is morning? How early and how structured should that time be? I’m letting the shareholders decide. Vote Here.