Mike Merrill lives his life as a corporation. He has adopted the framework of the company in all parts of of life, allowing shareholders to vote on what he does, and how he thinks.

While taking the idea of living in public to an extreme, we are almost all living “publicly traded” lives. Mike likes to talk about his real world examples of giving control of his life to his shareholders and how he has embraced “community through capitalism” and the connection that has to the rest of us.

He has spoken at TEDx, Future Congress, ideacity, Sandwich Summit and CyborgCamp, and he has garnered a fair amount of press.

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Mike currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and has sold a television show based on his life. He was previously the co-founder of a financial tech company, and before that he worked in software, advertising, and served in the US Army.

Previous Talks

Other Events:

May 2020 – K5M Shareholder Conference: Keynote and Annual Review

May 2020 – Ethereal Summit: Personal Tokens Roundtable

Jun 2019 – Future Congress: Personal Corporatehood

Dec 2016 – K5M Shareholder Conference: Keynote and Annual Review

Jan 2016 – Portland State University: “Show & Tell” Lecture

Jun 2015 – Curiosity Club: Fun w/ Factual Failures

Oct 2014 – XOXO: The New Disrupters

May 2014 – Webvisions: Watch Your Wearables Disappear

Jun 2013 – ideacity: Contractual Romance

Sep 2012 – Ten Conf: Community Through Capitalism

Aug 2012 – CyborgCamp Portland & Seattle: Community Through Capitalism

Oct 2010 – AIA Architecture and Design Festival

Dec 2009 – Research Club: Community Through Capitalism