Personal principles developed in collaboration with my shareholders.

⚠️ These are being converted to Policy Votes.


– Oct 23, 2019: I am in favor of experimentation with psychedelics.

– Oct 22, 2014: I am a supporter of the legalization of marijuana.

– Jun 14, 2016 – I will not take Elysium pills

– May 26, 2016: Establish a Working Group For Nutrition
– Jul 25, 2010: With 71% approval I am pescatarian.
– Jan 26, 2010: With 61% approval I am a vegetarian.

– Jul 12, 2008: I will not get a vasectomy.


Movies + TV
– Sep 13, 2020: Shareholders will have direct control over my television watching.
– Jan 29, 2019: I will watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
Jan 29, 2017: I won’t watch any DC or Marvel TV or movies.

– Jul 8, 2019: I’m a WNBA fan.

No Spotify Subscription
– Aug 1, 2018: I will not subscribe to Spotify.


– Oct 5th, 2019: I am fascinated by the promise of crypto but have a wait and see approach regarding the implementation because involvement requires such a high technical understanding and few safeguards. I would not advise anyone to invest more than a token amount.

Social Media
– Nov 23, 2016: I will only friend people on Facebook that I know in real life.

Mobile Phone
– Feb 4, 2017: I will not use an Android phone
Oct 21, 2014: I will get an iPhone 6 plus (upgraded to iPhone 12 mini in 2021)


June 22, 2018: I will live in a cabin. (moved in w/ Kathryn during the pandemic)


– Jun 29, 2011: I will be cost-effective and live life according to the adage “a penny saved is a penny earned.” There is no true price for anything and variable pricing is a thing of beauty.

– Feb 19, 2017: I will eliminate my personal debt.


– Sep 24, 2017: I will maintain a formal meditation practice.


– Jan 21, 2021: I am a member of the DSA.
– Mar 10, 2020: I endorse Bernie Sanders for president.
– Jul 10, 2016: I am not a member of the Republican Party.
– Apr 26, 2010: I am a registered Republican.


– Jun 27, 2016: I will not go by “Michael” and continue to use the name “Mike.”

– Nov 9, 2016 – The shareholders no longer have control of my romantic life.
– Apr 17, 2012: The shareholders have control of my romantic life.

Physical Appearance

– Nov 2, 2015: Develop an intentional sartorial system.
– July 28, 2019: I will not wear a fanny pack.

Facial Hair
– Apr 5, 2021: Shave to a mustache w/ vaccine, then remove facial hair.
– Dec 3, 2020: Maintain and groom the beard.
– May 15, 2020: Do not shave during the pandemic.
– Jan 22, 2020: I will grow out my beard and mustache.
Beard: Apr 26, 2015: I will not grow a beard.
Mustache: Oct 22, 2008: Based on the wise counsel of my shareholders I will not grow a mustache.

Hair Color
– Jul 12, 2008: Based on the rejection of the proposal I will not modify in any way the color of my hair.

– Sep 25, 2008: With shareholder approval I will get the name of any person or organization that pays for a VTAC verification tattooed on my body.