Policy Votes

In 2019 I read ‘How to Change Your Mind‘ by Michael Pollan after having a few low dosage mushroom experiences. It was fun! But a part of me wondered if this was a good idea, and more specifically if my shareholders would approve.

Ever since becoming a publicly traded person I’ve tried to balance my shareholder votes as the questions I am actually considering in my life, but without the minutiae of having them direct my moment to moment actions. I tend to err on the side of “not enough votes” but I like to think I have a pretty good sense of shareholder expectations.

Policy Votes are designed to be a dynamic way for shareholders to update my high level opinions, policies, and principles with an ‘always on’ voting system. This initial test of the idea uses the same voting framework but with an extended voting period. For example, the first Policy Vote I set up was my opinion on cryptocurrency.

When this vote was initially proposed in September of 2019 the shareholders guided me to being Interested in crypto, which was defined as “fascinated by the promise of crypto but has a wait and see approach regarding the implementation because involvement requires a high technical understanding and few safeguards. He would not advise anyone to invest more than a token amount.”

Of course as the price of crypto has risen and fallen and the examples of mistakes and malfeasance has grown the sentiment of my shareholders changed, and yet I was locked into a point of view from a brief snapshot in time back in 2019.

Now any shareholder can update their vote and my opinion on crypto will change in real time with the sentiment of my shareholders. Over the next few months I’ll roll out additional policy votes updates for both previous opinions as well as any new policies shareholders can help shape.

I’m sure we’ll find some limitations by using the existing system in a way that is a bit beyond the initial scope, but by collecting feedback we can work on a list of features to make this a smoother process in the future. I would love for everyone to go and cast their votes on the current policies and be on the look out for announcement of the new ones.

And if there are policies you’d like to see added you can join the KmikeyM Slack and let us know!