This is a perpetually out of date guide to the apps and tools I am using to run my life as a publicly traded person.

Last updated January 13th, 2023

On The Internet

KmikeyM.com on the web

@KmikeyM on Twitter

K5M.today on Tumblr

KmikeyM on Instagram

Mike-Merrill.com on Squarespace

kmikeym on Kickstarter

Mike Merrill on Republic

Mike Merrill on Goodreads

Mike Merrill on Strava

u/kmikeym and r/KmikeyM on Reddit

kmikeym on Hacker News

Mike Merrill and KmikeyM on Facebook

KmikeyM on AngelList


changemap – Public roadmap of features for KmikeyM, but falling a bit out of date.

Gumroad – An ecommerce platform for selling goods which is used to make deposits into KmikeyM accounts. The fees are too high and an alternative needs to be found.

Highcharts – A tool for making the interactive charts on KmikeyM.

KmikeyM.com – Custom designed decision-making engine based on the idea of a stock market. Originally developed by Greg Borenstein with subsequent versions and updates developed by Aaron Parecki.

WordPress – In 2019 I returned to WordPress as the CMS to store public facing documents.

Google Workspace – Mostly for drafts of votes, planning docs, and work in progress stuff.

Shareholder Community

Slack – Used as the hub of live shareholder activity. Anyone can join.

Substack – Official updates on the free plan with and a paid Insider Info edition.

Social Media

Twitter was my primary social media site. I have a number of accounts for various projects, but @kmikeym is the one I use most. The recent Twitter turmoil makes me less enthusiastic about Twitter specifically and social media in general.

There is less participation but I have a business page and a personal page on LinkedIn. I like the career focus and maybe LinkedIn is the best social media platform?

I have two Instagram accounts. An “official” account and a “personal” account but the personal was for my 2020 project of taking a selfie every day.

I don’t use Facebook very much, but I have an official page for KmikeyM and a personal page.

I’ve made accounts for Snapchat, TikTok, Orkut and many others, but I do not use them regularly.


Anchor – Quick podcast app for 3 Minute Review.

Airtable – This was my cornerstone. It’s like three dimensional spreadsheets. They have a totally great free version you should check out, but I pay for the pro version because I love it so much. I haven’t been using it as much in the past year.

Bear – Use for quick notes on the computer and iPhone.

Day One – Quick daily journal updates.

Evernote – I gave up on Evernote for a while but it’s just too easy to use as a place to store old things. It’s essentially my digital archive.

Fantastical – I just wanted a few of the features, like seeing two timezones at once, but I’m not sure it’s better than the built in cal app.

Mail.app – On both my laptop and phone I used Apple’s Mail app. I’ve tried pretty much every email client out there but I keep coming back to Mail.

NYTimes – I scan the news and then save anything interesting to Pocket Reader.

Reader – From the Readwise team, a better place to save articles to read later.

Readwise – Saves notes taken from books and elsewhere and gives me 10 of them each day to review.

Todoist – I’ve also tried every to do app and currently am using Todoist. I like it, I pay for the extra features of the pro account and this is both a todolist and also a place I save links and ideas to file later.

Roam – I use Roam as a daily log of my computer activity. I tried to learn the power features but it’s too much for me. I should probably migrate off it.

Stoop – I love email lists and Stoop manages email newsletter outside your mailbox, which is amazing. Thank you Stoop.

Sunsama – Daily planning app. This lives on my side monitor and helps keep me on task throughout the day.

Fitbod – I’ve used so many fitness apps but this is the best one. It tells me what to do, and how to do it, plus is tracks what I do. That’s exactly what I need.

Timehop – I love Timehop, such a weird way to quickly see old ideas and places and events. A great replacement for social media.

Trello – I use Trello occasionally to manage my backlog of projects and ideas.

Current iPhone Homescreen:


MacBook Pro – I use a 14″ 2021 MacBook Pro as my daily machine. I have an LG Ultrawide and an HP X34 set up as external monitors. Next to this I have my old 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro on a stand and on the other side is a Mac Mini with a vertical monitor and my iPad on a stand.

iPad Pro – Since my external monitors are all plugged in I tend to have my MacBook Pro stay at my desk and I drag my iPad around with me all day. What’s a computer?

iPhone 12 Mini – I had a big phone, and it was too big, so I went small, but I didn’t realize that would mean less battery. I use the Quad Lock system for biking and have the case on most of the time.

Apple Watch Series 4 – I love it. I have a weird tan line from wearing it all the time.



  • Primary banking at First Tech Credit Union
  • Credit cards from Amazon, Apple, and Alaska Airlines
  • Robinhood and Coinbase for Crypto
  • YNAB for budgeting
  • Betterment retirement account
  • Copilot for expense tracking
  • Credit Karma for monitoring my credit score (803/804)
  • Venmo, Apple, or Square Cash for repaying friends
  • Republic, WeFunder, Otis, Rally and more for alt investments


Recent Games:

  • Sudoku – No idea why I like this so much.
  • Chess.com – I had a pro account but now I don’t.
  • XCOM – I love this game too much.


By shareholder mandate I do not use Spotify, but I do use Apple Music.

I also take recommendations from shareholders.

I listen to this 3 hour Binaural Beats YouTube pretty often.

Movies and Television:
Letterboxd – For tracking movies.

Currently Reading:


Pocket – still on my front page, but migrating to Reader.

iPad Mini – It finally died.

Campaign Monitor – Mailing list software for official updates. All shareholders and those interested in the project should be on the list.

weejee.io – A new decision making engine software platform with new features based on learnings from the limitations of KmikeyM.com. Currently experimenting with smaller votes here.

Exist.io – I collect a lot of information into Exist but I have stopped inputing data directly.

Hotjar – Tracks user behavior and generates heatmaps based on visitor activity. It’s interesting but I haven’t made any changes based on the information yet.

Intercom – This is a Customer Messaging Platform I started using in 2019 but has already been less effective than Drip.com in engagement. Drip is a more passive interaction (email) than Intercom (chat) so the social barrier is lower.

Sorted – I love Sorted. It’s a very weird idea that combines calendar events and to do items together. Because I share a lot of calendars it’s hard to know what is happening in a day, so I use Sorted as my “current day” look at what is going on.

Wealthfront savings account (for high savings interest)

Vanguard retirement account