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  • March Challenge: Sleep

    I put up a vote on February 28th, 2021 with the option of undertaking a challenge for the month of March. The options and the results were as follows: (As shareholder Hubbard pointed out in the comments, we should be using ranked voting for these kinds of decisions.) I’m excited for the “challenge” of getting…

  • Become a member of the LA Chapter of the Democratic Socialists

    Become a member of the LA Chapter of the Democratic Socialists

    I am very serious about selling shares in myself. You could even say I’m deadly serious. But the impulse of KmikeyM has always been to experiment and play with capitalism. The slogan I’ve used for years, “Community Through Capitalism” is about how relationships are built because of capitalism. It’s a multiplayer game and by selling shares of myself…

  • WATCHMIKE: Phase II Trials

    WATCHMIKE: Phase II Trials

    The initial experiment is over! I posted 19 total votes. 3 are still pending, 10 were approved, and 6 were rejected. I’ve finished three of them, and am in the midst of five of them. My initial hypothesis was that direct control of my TV watching would be compelling to a subset of my shareholders…

  • WATCHMIKE: A TV Control Experiment

    WATCHMIKE: A TV Control Experiment

    Update The WATCHMIKE remote control experiment is now live at Background On September 13th 2020 I posted a question to weejee about updating my rule on not watching superhero fare. In the original proposal from 2017 I had included a clause that allowed me to go back and watch any movie that won a…

  • Drink Tracking

    Drink Tracking

    I was definitely drinking too much the first few weeks of the stay-at-home order, but it wasn’t really a problem. I rarely felt the effects the next day and I didn’t start until at least 5pm. On the other hand, alcohol is poison, and as a publicly traded person there are health implications to having…

  • Nail Biting: Day 4

    Nail Biting: Day 4

    The vote to paint my nails this coral/orange color passed on the 10th of April and Kathryn painted my nails the approved color on the 11th. It’s been four days and I have not had a single instance of nail biting. So far so good.

  • Mike for Bernie

    Mike for Bernie

    The vote to endorse a candidate in the 2020 presidential election passed with 61% approval. The vote for which candidate to endorse was for Bernie Sanders with 52%. Mar 1, 2020: This morning I donated $5 to the Sanders’ campaign and I tweeted my endorsement. Mar 2, 2020: I purchased a t-shirt and a fridge…

  • My First Superhero Movie in Two Years

    My First Superhero Movie in Two Years

    It’s been two years since I’ve seen a superhero movie. The shareholders passed the “No Tights” policy because the Hollywood machine started churning out Marvel and DC properties at a much higher rate, and left unchecked I would have devoured them all up. The policy works. I watch better films. When Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse…

  • Coffee Break

    Coffee Break

    I took a break from coffee. I did it because I wanted to see if I could de-acclimate myself enough so that when I started again I could get high, the way I used to feel when I first started drinking coffee. It was also the end of the year which obviously is a time…