📧 The End of Year Spectacular!

This past summer we wrapped up the first season of the Hamburger Business Review podcast, but so much has happened we decided to do a Holiday Special Episode which just came out today. Click here or the image below to listen on Apple Podcasts.

For HBR listeners we also made some merch, including a mug, a hat, and my personal favorite, a fleece vest. This vest is powerful, and it’s impacting my personality.

We also worked with shareholder and artist Kriss Knapp for a limited edition shareholder certificate. Individually numbered and signed, this is an 11×14 inch print that you can also purchased framed. Details in the description, but we’re super excited about these prints and for a limited time we will include 10 shares of KmikeyM with every purchase. (Sorry, these will not be available in time for the holidays!)

Shareholder Certificate

Reflection and What’s Next

We’re now working on our annual review of 2023 and preview of 2024. (Here are links to the 2022 Review and 2023 Preview.) We will also update and continue our Agile Resolutions and Quarterly Updates (Q1Q2, and Q3 of 2023). That’s a lot of reflection and planning before the start of the new year!

On top of that we’re hoping to have one more vote for you about a new project idea, and I’m working on streamlining some of my own process and tools which will result in an update to the MIKE/OS and Principles pages. 

🎧 And for those that find themselves needing a bit more of a distraction over the holidays, check out 3 Minute Review, my daily podcast with Kathryn, who has been spending time with her parents, AKA “on assignment.” 

I’m pretty excited about 2024 (except for politics and wars) and looking forward to announcing some of the projects I’ve been quietly working on for most of this past year. Aaron and I have already been kicking around ideas for Build Week 2024 and I want to start making some short videos about things I’m interested in (like the South Sea’s Bubble and Bundling/Unbundling). 

📧 If you have 2024 plans, want to try our agile resolutions, or have any thoughts or ideas about the above just reply to this email. Would love to chat or even jump on a quick video call.

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