2023 Third Quarter Review

Spent a big chunk of Q3 in Portland and wrapped season 1 of Hamburger Business Review. Overall it was a slow and steady quarter with a few weeks spent getting over COVID and feeling the impact of the writer’s strike (which finally ended).

Updated my Agile Resolutions for October and started to think a lot more about my process and tracking. I love worksheets!

Q3 Highlights

Q3 Lowlights

  • COVID Again

Q3 New Business

  • None

πŸ“– Narrative

In July Kathryn and I went to Palm Springs for a few days and then we drove up to Portland. I spent the rest of the month there and Alex and I did a Guerrilla Happy Hour. Kathryn went to Canada to see family and then flew back into Portland. It was fun to go to the incredibly old school Loprinzi’s Gym.

In August we drove back down to Los Angeles. I got COVID for the second time and it really knocked me for a loop. The lease on our Subaru was up so we got a new one. And I got back to working on Blippo+.

In September things were slow and steady for the most of the month. The stress of the WGA strike was really present, and I joined the picket line when Kathryn organized a themed picket day. We wrapped another season of Shareholder Poker and Blippo+ work continued. My brother Gene came down to visit for a weekend and we went to see the Portland Timbers play the LA Galaxy.

The strike finally ended! And I spent a lot of the end of the month playing with productivity and accountability methods.

πŸ“š Reading

My stack of unread books is rising faster than I am reading! I dropped from ‘on track’ to four books behind my goal of reading 52 books this year. (tracking on Goodreads).

πŸ’ͺ Health + Fitness

Had fun working out in Portland at Loprinzi’s Gym, and joined my old co-worker’s at Panic for their weekly workout. Generally kept up my routine other than getting COVID. Now trying to play more tennis and take it seriously (started to take notes after I play). Looking forward to returning to lessons when I start bringing some money in again.

🚫 Unfinished / Incomplete

Was pretty happy with progress and also decided to officially just not do some things I had initially set out to try this year (marked with an X below). I was really trying to force the annual shareholder Summit to happen, but because so much of what I’m working on is in private development with other people I decided to cancel it.

We also decided to not try to revive EGG, the investing club and podcast, and we will work on shutting it down in Q4.

Review of 2023 Preview

This year kicked off with a 2023 Preview and I set out some of the things I hoped to accomplish. Updating this list there are some clearer failures since last quarter, but also some of the pending items are back in motion with the end of the writer’s strike.

βœ…=Done, ♻️=In Progress, 🟑=Holding/Pending, ❌=Behind/Failed

  • ♻️ Sell KmikeyM Book w/ Kevin
  • βœ… Select and Implement New K5M Features
  • βœ… Book KmikeyM Speaking Opportunity
  • ❌ KmikeyM Shareholder Summit
  • ❌ IRL Shareholder Poker Tournament
  • 🟑 Pitched Project w/ D+C
  • βœ… Some Travel (Miami, Portland)
  • ❌ Additional IMDB Credits
  • ❌ EGG Season 2
  • βœ… Take Advantage of New Opportunities
    • HBR and the B+ Project

πŸ“‘ Communication

3 Minute Review remains steady but emails were very low this quarter with only one email to the main Mailing List and one email to the Insider Info list. There was one blog blog post about the season end of Hamburger Business Review.

πŸ“ˆ Growth

I projected a $8 share price and as of this writing we’re at $6.61, which is up from $6.27 in Q2, but still down from the $7.16 of Q1. The lowest buy offer has dropped from $7.14 last quarter to $6.61.

Update on my shareholder funnel which ideally goes from from Mailing List to K5M User Account to Shareholder. I’m still not pushing this, but it’s the numbers I want to track over social or anything else.

Mailing ListUser AccountShareholders
Sep3,619 (-27)3,832 (+20)1,185 (-1)

πŸ—ž Press

My “Non-Fungible Tokens” (aka quarters) project was mentioned in an academic article, and I recorded a podcast with someone that hasn’t been released yet. Otherwise pretty quiet.