2023 Preview

Having finished the 2022 Review the next and much harder task is creating a 2023 Preview. It’s easy to go back and cherry pick the highlights of the last twelve months. It’s a lot harder to look ahead and set goals I know I will fail.

I don’t do typical New Years Resolutions, but have adapted instead to something I call Agile Resolutions. I set monthly goals and then either keep them up or pivot based on what is happening. See Agile Resolutions.

๐Ÿ“ Projects

In December of 2023 I’d like to look back and have accomplished the following:

  • Sold KmikeyM Book w/ Kevin
  • Select and Implement New K5M Features
  • Booked for KmikeyM Speaking Opportunity
  • KmikeyM Shareholder Summit
  • IRL Shareholder Poker Tournament
  • Pitched Project w/ D+C
  • Some Travel (TBD)
  • Additional IMDB Credits
  • EGG Season 2
  • Take Advantage of New Opportunities

Some of these things (like selling the book) are out of my control. There are a few irons in the fire around some of these and I’m sure new opportunities will arise. If the book sells then a majority of the year could end up pretty quiet as we’ll be working on that.

The things that are in my control are the day to day activities I can do to push forward on projects and position myself to best respond to new opportunities. This is where I’d like to put a lot of work over the first quarter of 2023. As a publicly traded person I want to create more transparancy over how I spend my time and where shareholders can make a difference. I’m going to document much of this work on MIKE/OS.

๐Ÿ“ก Communication

I would also like to develop a more regular cadence of shareholder updates. There is the near daily 3 Minute Review podcast, and I also have a paid subscription for Insider Info and will work towards weekly(ish) updates. And then I’d like to have no less than monthly major shareholder updates.

I want to speed up my response to shareholders, and work on being at inbox 0. And I’d like to meet more of my shareholders in person.

I’m not setting any goals around social media. It’s a great method of discovery for KmikeyM and better to have followers there, but is also a shit show in many ways.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Growth

In 2022 we saw a big share price increase, and that is ultimately the number I’d like to focus on. For 2023 I’d like to develop projects and regular communication that pushes the price up past $8/share.

For user growth I’d like to increase the numbers along the following funnel:

  • Mailing List: 3,716
  • User Accounts: 3,760
  • Shareholders: 1,179

I’d especially like to make shareholders out of people doing interesting things with markets and communities!

๐Ÿ—ž๏ธ Press

I can’t really control press but I have found that other people sharing KmikeyM is the best way to get new shareholders. So I’d like to have more conversations with people about the project who can share it with their audience. I’d like to do more podcasts, speaking gigs, or live chats in 2023.