2023 Second Quarter Review

The year is half over, and while I knew this was going to be a quieter year for KmikeyM it still bothers me. KmikeyM has always pushed me to be public about my life and it’s weird to be working on longer form projects (the book and tv/film options and Blippo+) that move at a slower pace and are kept quiet.

The past three months have been largely dominated by Hamburger Business Review and Blippo+. It’s great to have HBR as a project that we can release as we make it. As the first season comes to a close however I’m starting to think about a proposal for a Season 2 and how we might make it better, including perhaps recording all the episodes ahead of time, which I think would make it better, but also it would then suffer from “quiet project” syndrome.

My Agile Resolutions are continuing and it’s reassuring to create a monthly list of goals and then try to meet them, but both HBR and Blippo+ take up more time than I expected. A month seems like a such a long time when I’m plotting it all out, , but I keep falling short. This year is teaching me that substantial projects take substantial time, and that means I need to be more discerning. I am not naturally discerning.

In Q3 I’ll be hosting the Shareholder Summit, spending a lot of time in Portland, and continuing to work on my long term projects. I’m still interested in having a shareholder discussion about the creation of a board of directors to help with accountability and get guidance on non-public information, and hope to use the summit to spark that conversation.

Q2 Highlights

  • 2023 First Quarter Review
  • Blippo+
  • Miami “Human Capital” Conference
  • Health & Fitness
  • 3 Minute Review
  • Hamburger Business Review
  • GHH

Q2 Lowlights

  • Missed change in policy votes
  • Not as many shareholder updates

Q2 New Business

  • None

πŸ“– Narrative

In April I met up with some new people through Nick Gray and took them to Endorffeine, which is always fun to show people. Had a conversation with Olly of The Modern Man podcast. I lost money thinking that First Republic Bank would be able to turn things around. Went to Miami and met some amazing people at a Human Capital conference.

In May the WGA went on strike. We leaked a little bit of information about Blippo+ with a casting call and started shooting in earnest. We put out more episodes of Hamburger Business Review. And it was my birthday.

In June. I went to another Nick Gray meetup and met more people (he’s good at it!) and I accidentally posted my first reel on instagram. Switched to a cheaper and closer gym and started a new workout routine. Alex came to LA and we hosted a GHH.

πŸ“š Reading

I’m still on track for a book a week but my pace has slowed. I read only seven weeks in the quarter and now I’m only 1 book ahead of schedule. (tracking on Goodreads).

πŸ’ͺ Health + Fitness

Made some big changes to my fitness routine. Changed gyms and set up a new program for weights with more off days to make it easier to bike more. Seeing some early strength gains which is fun and my body is a little less sore all the time.

🚫 Unfinished / Incomplete

It felt like I was working on things that were due now or past due. I wasn’t thinking much about what was coming up which made everything feel a little reactive. I’ve been playing with my routines and trying to build some new habits, but it’s harder when working wit others.

Not beating myself up too much about it, just trying to learn from it and adapt. I need to be a little more public (ie accountable) with my habits and processes.

Review of 2023 Preview

This year kicked off with a 2023 Preview and I set out some of the things I hoped to accomplish.

βœ…=Done, ♻️=In Progress, 🟑=Holding/Pending, ❌=Behind/Failed

  • 🟑 Sold KmikeyM Book w/ Kevin
  • βœ… Select and Implement New K5M Features
  • βœ… Booked for KmikeyM Speaking Opportunity
  • ♻️ KmikeyM Shareholder Summit
  • ♻️ IRL Shareholder Poker Tournament
  • 🟑 Pitched Project w/ D+C
  • βœ… Some Travel
  • ♻️Additional IMDB Credits
  • ❌ EGG Season 2
  • βœ… Take Advantage of New Opportunities
    • HBR and the B+ Project

πŸ“‘ Communication

Still working on a regular cadence of output. HBR hasn’t been weekly, and shareholder updates have been sparse (mostly because not much has happened). This is something I need to review and fold into a more public process.

πŸ“ˆ Growth

I projected a $8 share price and as of this writing we’re at $6.27, which is down from the $7.16 of the end of last quarter. But the lowest buy offer is $7.14 so I’m not worried.

I mapped out a funnel from Mailing List -> K5M User Account -> Shareholder. I’m not working wildly hard on this but updating the numbers is useful to keep an eye on.

Mailing ListUser AccountShareholders

πŸ—ž Press

🎧 Podcast: No Such Thing As a Fish

🎧 Podcast: The Modern Mann