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  • 📧 Portland GHH Meetup

    📧 Portland GHH Meetup

    Hello Shareholders and Friends, Three updates today: 🥃 Guerrilla Happy Hour I’m wrapping up my time in Portland, OR and on Saturday July 29th Alex and I are hosting a Guerrilla Happy Hour. Come by Dream House at 5pm and say hello, and for every drink you buy we will give you a dollar until either we…

  • 📧 Los Angeles GHH Meetup

    📧 Los Angeles GHH Meetup

    Hello Shareholders! Are you in LA? Then I want to give you money. Well, kind of. On Friday, June 30th shareholder Alex Mahan and I are hosting a Guerrilla Happy Hour at The Fable in Eagle Rock from 5-7pm. We’ve been doing GHH since 2011, and now that we don’t live in the same city we…