2023 First Quarter Review

After three months of Agile Resolutions I’m pretty pleased with the progress being made in 2023. I’m still working on the balance between the fun of planning and the grind of doing the work and my process is evolving. Each week I look my monthly goals and set up weekly tasks which I then schedule into each day of the week. I also sketched out a loose annual plan of all the projects I have in mind that changes based on new ideas and how much is actually accomplished.

Looking forward to the next quarter the biggest potential change is a shareholder discussion about the creation of a board of directors to help with accountability and get guidance on non-public information. Other than a short trip to Miami it’s likely to be a very “heads down” second quarter. I expect to mostly be in Los Angeles working on projects that won’t be released or announced until later in the year.

Q1 Highlights

Q1 Lowlights

  • EGG (no progress)
  • Short Video Idea (no progress)
  • DBA (some progress/pivot)
  • CARES Pitch (some progress/stalled)

Q1 New Business

📖 Narrative

In January the issues for KmikeyM were collected and organized in preperation of KmikeyM Build Week. Kathryn and I completed Thick Quest, I wrapped up my contract with Protocol Labs, and Kathryn and I worked on a proposal for CARES as a comicbook.

In February the KmikeyM Build Week was completed with Aaron. I set up a new website for any referrals that might come from the PL gig, and I mapped out the difficulties of being publicly traded for a Brazilian business man I met.

Also started working on a TBD project that isn’t public yet. It’s not a KmikeyM project, but involves a number of shareholders.

In March the beta of the Policy Votes and I wrote up a blog post about the deposits and new payment options for KmikeyM. A lot of time was spent taking meetings about the book proposal with Kevin.

And the big new project was a vote to create 10 episodes of the podcast series Hamburger Business Review with Zach.

📚 Reading

For January, February, and March my goal was to read (including audiobooks) 4 books a month. I’m ahead of schedule with 19 books finished (tracking on Goodreads).

💪 Health + Fitness

In January and February I was counting my calories and macros, making most of my own food, not drinking, and working out 4x week. My Trendweight goal was to get below 180 lbs. I experimented with some supplements but abandoned them due to gut issues.

In March I made some fitness goals more specific by choosing to try to focus on increasing specific exercises at the gym. I adapted my routine and in just a few weeks I was able to see a measurable difference! In an attempt to stop focusing on the scale I got a 2nd DEXA scan which showed I lowered my body fat percentage by 3% over three months.

🚫 Unfinished / Incomplete

I didn’t work on Experimental Garden Group very much at all. As an investment club we have still have a pile of money to invest, but there is work to do in setting up a clear process and communications.

I have an idea for a little short movie that I kept meaning to work on after we finished the outline for CARES. But we didn’t finish. Hoping to get the outline done and do a proof of concept for my short idea.

Review of 2023 Preview

This year kicked off with a 2023 Preview and I set out some of the things I hoped to accomplish.

✅=Done, ♻️=In Progress, ❓=Not Yet Started, ❌=Behind/Failed

  • ♻️ Sold KmikeyM Book w/ Kevin
  • ✅ Select and Implement New K5M Features
  • ✅ Booked for KmikeyM Speaking Opportunity
  • ❓KmikeyM Shareholder Summit
  • ♻️ IRL Shareholder Poker Tournament
  • ♻️ Pitched Project w/ D+C
  • ♻️ Some Travel
  • ❓Additional IMDB Credits
  • EGG Season 2
  • ✅ Take Advantage of New Opportunities
    • HBR and the TBD Project

📡 Communication

I wanted to build up a more regular cadence with shareholders and I haven’t figured out that regular schedule yet. It should start to look something like

  • Daily: 3 Minute Review + Social Media
  • Weekly: Hamburger Business Review + Insider Information
  • Monthly: Shareholder Mailing List + Blog Post + EGG Update

📈 Growth

I projected a $8 share price and as of this writing we’re at $7.16.

I mapped out a funnel from Mailing List -> K5M User Account -> Shareholder, but I haven’t action to increase those numbers other than updating the main image on KmikeyM.com.

Mailing ListUser AccountShareholders

🗞 Press

No press in the first quarter but I was mentioned on one British podcast and interviewed for another in April, so I’ll update this section next quarter with that. I also got invited to a conference in Miami in April.