📧 Portland GHH Meetup

Hello Shareholders and Friends,

Three updates today:

  1. 🥃 A Guerrilla Happy Hour for anyone Portland, OR
  2. 🍔 The Final Episode of Hamburger Business Review
  3. 🚫 Postponing/Cancelling Shareholder Summit

🥃 Guerrilla Happy Hour

I’m wrapping up my time in Portland, OR and on Saturday July 29th Alex and I are hosting a Guerrilla Happy Hour. Come by Dream House at 5pm and say hello, and for every drink you buy we will give you a dollar until either we go home or run out of money.

You can read more about Guerrilla Happy Hour here, but the important thing is to show up and say hello.

🍔 Hamburger Business Review Episode 10

Episode 10 of Hamburger Business Review, Grinding It Out With Chris K., was finished which puts a wrap on the season order that was approved by the shareholders.

🎧 Listen Now

I’ll post some highlights and learnings from the podcast soon, but I will say I’m really happy with the evolution of our process (thanks to the guy who told me to use Descript for editing!) and it has been fun to play with Reels/Stories and make some short form video based on the episodes.

While this is the end of the season for Hamburger Business Review, keep an eye out for my next project proposal where I’m hoping to use what I learned and apply it to another aspect of my life.

🚫 No Shareholder Summit

I’ve been hinting at having another shareholder event for a while with the expectation that I would be doing it while in Portland. I love being able to use the superpowers of Aaron and his live streaming studio!

But everything I thought of was feeling like a repeat of things we’ve already done. And while I’d love to do a survey of everything I’m doing, the really great things I’m working on are not yet public. So this year I’ll just get back to work and share updates when I can.

Of course if you want to make some moves in the market I’d be happy to slip you a few details about projects in person (come to the Guerrilla Happy Hour!) or to those subscribed to the paid version of this newsletter: The Insider Info.


✨ Coming Up Next

I’ll be posting a new podcast project for your approval soon and I’ve been thinking a lot about a Board of Directors where I could share some private information and get more actionable feedback. That could involve elections and oversight and reporting and all kinds of new ways to complicate my life with politics and intrigue.

I’ll be back in Los Angeles on August 5th working on the secret Blippo+ project. Kathryn and I will be back together in a few days and we will pick back up 3 Minute Review.

I’m still updating my Agile Resolutions each month and I’ve been doing quarterly updates as well (Q1 and Q2).

Profitably Yours,
-K. Mike Merrill