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  • 📧 Portland GHH Meetup

    📧 Portland GHH Meetup

    Hello Shareholders and Friends, Three updates today: 🥃 Guerrilla Happy Hour I’m wrapping up my time in Portland, OR and on Saturday July 29th Alex and I are hosting a Guerrilla Happy Hour. Come by Dream House at 5pm and say hello, and for every drink you buy we will give you a dollar until either we…

  • 📧 Los Angeles GHH Meetup

    📧 Los Angeles GHH Meetup

    Hello Shareholders! Are you in LA? Then I want to give you money. Well, kind of. On Friday, June 30th shareholder Alex Mahan and I are hosting a Guerrilla Happy Hour at The Fable in Eagle Rock from 5-7pm. We’ve been doing GHH since 2011, and now that we don’t live in the same city we…

  • Guerrilla Happy Hour

    Guerrilla Happy Hour

    Economists will tell you that “incentives matter.” As an economic principle you want to find the smallest incentive to achieve the greatest possible outcome. This can be mathematically modeled for large populations to determine how to encourage prosocial behaviors, but how do you apply incentives to your personal life? Guerrilla Happy Hour has been an…