2023 Fourth Quarter Review

So much reviewing in December! Monthly, quarterly, and annual. This is the Q4 review, and you can check out the other quarterly reviews here:

These last three months of the year things really slowed down. A big part of that was dealing with some hard personal and relationship issues. It feels like I a hit a low in late October/November and have been climbing out of it in December. As hard as it’s been this quarter I still feel excited about the future (perhaps that is a chemical issue).

Looking back at my Agile Resolutions for October, November, and December I only accomplished about 50% of the goals I set. That’s not great! I keep struggling with the ideal version of how I’d like to spend my time and the actual energy I have when the time comes. I am not sure if I should I drink more coffee or lower my expectations.

Q4 Highlights

  • ArroyoFest
  • Inherit The Wind
  • Blippo Shoot Days
  • Soccer Games (Timbers + Thorns playing in LA)
  • HBR Holiday Special
  • Shareholder Certificate
  • Back Into 3MR

Q4 Lowlights

  • Quitting LAAC
  • Personal/relationship hard times
  • Stopped 3MR for a while
  • Feeling pretty disconnected

Q4 New Business

  • New podcast idea (project proposal coming soon)
  • New share certificate

πŸ“– Narrative

In October my brother came to visit LA and it was fun to show off some of my favorite places and get out my usual routine. There was a really great opening at And/Or Gallery about vintage computers and while catsitting for friends I spent a LOT of time playing Cyberpunk 2077. The ArroyoFest closing of the 110 freeway was really fun.

In November I started to kind of disengage. Mostly worked on the major projects that will be announced next year but it was personally a hard month. I stopped going to the gym and felt kind of detached. Kathryn and I did go see Inherit The Wind at the Pasadena Playhouse and it was excellent. And at the end of the month we started going to therapy together.

Thankfully in December things started to turn around. Still a lot of personal work to do, including getting back into regular exercise, but feeling more motivated. Recorded and posted a special episode of Hamburger Business Review and made some merch, worked with Kriss Knapp who designed an amazing shareholder certificate and then worked with friends at Umico to print it, and started to get really excited about KmikeyM projects again.

πŸ“š Reading

Really dropped the ball on my “book a week” plan for the year.

πŸ’ͺ Health + Fitness

Gained a little weight and stopped going to the gym or riding my bike much. I also quit the fancy gym because it was just too expensive. There is a local gym that is much cheaper and it’s nice to have a place in the neighborhood. But I’m a little sad to leave my LAAC membership.

🚫 Unfinished / Incomplete

There is a long list of things I didn’t do or finish but looking at the highlights I’m actually pretty surprised how much did get done!

Review of 2023 Preview

This year kicked off with a 2023 Preview and I set out some of the things I hoped to accomplish.

βœ…=Done, ♻️=In Progress, 🟑=Holding/Pending, ❌=Behind/Failed

  • 🟑 Sell KmikeyM Book w/ Kevin
  • βœ… Select and Implement New K5M Features
  • βœ… Book KmikeyM Speaking Opportunity
  • ❌ KmikeyM Shareholder Summit
  • ❌ IRL Shareholder Poker Tournament
  • ♻️ Pitched Project w/ D+C
  • βœ… Some Travel (Miami, Portland)
  • ❌ Additional IMDB Credits
  • ❌ EGG Season 2
  • βœ… Take Advantage of New Opportunities
    • HBR and the B+ Project

πŸ“‘ Communication

We dropped out of 3 Minute Review for a while, but got back into it with some real energy, especially while Kathryn was back home for the holidays. Only two shareholder emails this quarter, and pretty quiet on social media (which to be fair is a shit show).

πŸ“ˆ Growth

At the beginning of the year I projected a $8 share price and as of this writing we’re at $6.64, which is slightly up from $6.61 in Q3, but still down from the $7.16 of Q1. The lowest buy offer is up from $6.61 last quarter to $6.64. 

My very loose “shareholder funnel” goes from from Mailing List to K5M User Account to Shareholder. I’m still not pushing this, but it’s the numbers I want to track rather than socials or anything else.

Mailing ListUser AccountShareholders
Dec3,609 (-10)3,848 (+16)1,188 (+3)

πŸ—ž Press

No new press in Q4.