K5M Dialup Clips

Recorded using Dialup Edited by Danielle Baskin Creative Commons music: Knife by CJ Aleezon Super Friendly by Kevin MacLeod Criticality by Pixelgipsy Garden Music by Kevin MacLeod Brittle Rille by Kevin MacLeod No Good Layabout by Kevin MacLeod


12,500 years ago the Laurentide Ice Sheet, a continental glacier that covered northeastern North America, retreated from the area of present-day Toronto. Soon afterward small groups of Indigenous people moved into the area to hunt animals such as caribou. The French first set up trading posts in the area which they abandoned as the British conquered French North… Continue reading Toronto

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Teaser of Dialup Call

The first Dialup call was fantastic and I wanted to share a few snippets with you. I know that talking to a stranger on the phone is weird, but the first test of using this far exceeded any expectations I had and it was the highlight of my week. I highly recommend you connect with… Continue reading Teaser of Dialup Call


The capital of the Margraviate of Brandenburg in 1417, and later of Brandenburg-Prussia, and the Kingdom of Prussia. Prussia grew rapidly in the 18th and 19th century, and formed the basis of the German Empire in 1871. After 1900 Berlin became a major world city, known for its leadership roles in science, the humanities, music,… Continue reading Berlin

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2019 Annual Report

The 2019 Annual Report is released in tandem with the annual shareholder approval rating vote. A few years ago I put up a vote for shareholder approval on my birthday. While the stock price reflects my “approval rating” to a certain extent, this has become an opportunity to receive critical feedback, as well as reflect… Continue reading 2019 Annual Report

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Our Incredible Journey

There’s a wise old saying that “All good things must come to an end.” So it’s with a potent mixture of emotions — gratitude, sadness, regret, highs, lows, some middles, joy, grief, incandescent rage, the love that a mother feels towards her newborn child, that feeling of accomplishment you get when you take out the… Continue reading Our Incredible Journey

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Kriss Knapp: An Artistic Analysis

Kriss Knapp will be providing an artistic analysis for the stock price of some of the most emotional moments in my life. More information coming soon. This project will mostly be happening on Instagram. And to learn more about Kriss go to krissknapp.com.

My First Superhero Movie in Two Years

It’s been two years since I’ve seen a superhero movie. The shareholders passed the “No Tights” policy because the Hollywood machine started churning out Marvel and DC properties at a much higher rate, and left unchecked I would have devoured them all up. The policy works. I watch better films. When Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse… Continue reading My First Superhero Movie in Two Years

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