Reimagining Capitalism – Book Club Plan

My copy of Reimagining Capitalism arrived and I read the first chapter today. To stay on track and read the book in one month we only need to read about 10 pages a day. Looking at when the chapters end here is a loose reading schedule and when you can might expect my chapter notes:

  • April 3rd: Finish Chapter 1
  • April 5th: Finish Chapter 2
  • April 8th: Finish Chapter 3
  • April 12th: Finish Chapter 4
  • April 16th: Finish Chapter 5
  • April 17th: Shareholder Book Club Meeting
  • April 20th: Finish Chapter 6
  • April 25th: Finish Chapter 7
  • April 27th: Finish Chapter 8
  • May 1st: Shareholder Book Club Meeting

If you’d like to join the book club or if you’d like to just follow along and read my chapter notes you can sign up here.