CTRL ALTZ: The Tannery

Alternative assets are investments that aren’t stock, bonds, or certificates. Those are known as traditional assets, leaving everything else the “alternative:” antiques precious metals stamps coins baseball arts shares in privately held startups “An alternative investment is anything that you wouldn’t hear a financial advisor at a bank steer a client toward. These investments are… Continue reading CTRL ALTZ: The Tannery

A History of KmikeyM Facial Hair

My 12th shareholder question was about growing a mustache. In 2008 I proposed growing a “winter mustache” (something like Rollie Fingers) and it failed with 54% voting no. A close vote but at that time only fifteen people voted. In 2015, after a shareholder mandated vacation to Mexico, I proposed the idea of growing out… Continue reading A History of KmikeyM Facial Hair

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Mike for Bernie

The vote to endorse a candidate in the 2020 presidential election passed with 61% approval. The vote for which candidate to endorse was for Bernie Sanders with 52%. Mar 1, 2020: This morning I donated $5 to the Sanders’ campaign and I tweeted my endorsement. Mar 2, 2020: I purchased a t-shirt and a fridge… Continue reading Mike for Bernie

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How weejee Works

When we built KmikeyM I modeled the voting system on shareholder resolutions, which usually present an argument and allow shareholders to vote “For” or “Against”. One of the differences we’ve discovered in being a publicly traded person has been the need for multiple choice questions. So we built weejee (well, to be fair, Aaron built… Continue reading How weejee Works

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Uhh Yeah Dude Discuss KmikeyM

On episode 762 of Uhh Yeah Dude (one of my favorite podcasts) hosts Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette have discovered KmikeyM and discuss it after talking about Spencer Dinwiddie’s token sale. I clipped the 13 minutes where they talk about it.

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3 Minute Review

A short three minute podcast that offers three perspectives. The idea was to design the process to be as easy as possible to make. There is minimal editing and production, but incremental changes are made as it progresses. 3 Minute Review is built using Anchor, so that is the original “home” of the podcast. As… Continue reading 3 Minute Review

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Using Fiverr To Learn About Economics Teaches an Important Lesson: You Get What You Pay For

I hired an “expert in Economics and Finance” to write up an explanation of the work of the recent Nobel Prize for Economics but I only paid $17. The Recent Winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics Nobel prizes are the most respected awards given to top achievers in intellectual discoveries or inventors in the… Continue reading Using Fiverr To Learn About Economics Teaches an Important Lesson: You Get What You Pay For

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13 Drugs I Have Tried and What I Think About Them

A list of the drugs I have tried listed in order of my preference for doing them. As a capitalist I tend to like uppers for productivity, alcohol for negotiations and team building, and psychedelics for thinking of innovative new business strategies (the blue ocean strategy was originally conceived of by W. Chan Kim and… Continue reading 13 Drugs I Have Tried and What I Think About Them

Financial Civil Disobedience

PART 1: Onion Futures I bought The Futures by Emily Lambert because I wanted to know more about the Onion Futures Act, a United States law banning the trading of futures contracts on onions as well as motion picture box office receipts. This is a stupid law. A futures contract is simply a legal agreement… Continue reading Financial Civil Disobedience

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Boston was transformed from a relatively small and economically stagnant town in 1780 to a bustling seaport and cosmopolitan center with a large and highly mobile population by 1800. By the mid-19th century Boston was one of the largest manufacturing centers in the nation, noted for its garment production, leather goods, and machinery industries. Manufacturing… Continue reading Boston

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