Drink Tracking

I was definitely drinking too much the first few weeks of the stay-at-home order, but it wasn’t really a problem. I rarely felt the effects the next day and I didn’t start until at least 5pm. On the other hand, alcohol is poison, and as a publicly traded person there are health implications to having a bottle of wine or more a night. The World Health Organization said that alcohol is an “unhelpful coping strategy” but I don’t answer to the WHO, so I asked my shareholders.

Should I drink with “more intention“? And if so, how so?

The first vote passed with 61% approval and of the options for how to drink with intention the shareholders chose Track What You Drink. So for two weeks I’ve tracked all my alcohol consumption in both ounces consumed and alcohol percentage. I looked up “alcohol units” and decided to measure everything in the UK’s version of alcohol units, which is just 10 millilitres of alcohol, meaning a drink can contain 1-3 units of alcohol.

After tracking for seven days I took a day off, and then had a LOT to drink on the 11th, but have not had any drinks for the last three days. The 15th I did eat some weed edibles, which was nice.

What happens now? Is tracking enough? Is it too much? What’s next in dealing with this drinking opportunity?

The next vote will let the shareholders decide.

And here is the actual Airtable: