May Challenge: New Place Each Week

For the month of May the shareholders set a challenge of going to a new place each week*. This was a great challenge for coming out of the pandemic restrictions and pushing me to new routes and businesses.

New Places Visited:

Wittmore Store – Arts District

I didn’t buy anything but I was in the neighborhood looking to pick up some of my favorite deoderant (sadly the Malin & Goetz store closed) and walked in because I felt like I’d seen this store in Instagram ads. I’m pretty sure I had because it was like walking into a social media feed.

Cafe Bonaparte – Hermosa Beach

I went to get a coffee with Kyle Kiang and we ended up here since the place we planned on going was closed on Monday. I just had an iced coffee, it was fine.

Virginia Ave Park – Santa Monica

Kathryn and I drove down to Brentwood and I met with Marcus while she went on a bike ride along the ocean. We met up at this park so I could run around with Georgie (🐕‍🦺) for a while.

Good Luck Wine Shop – Pasadena

I somehow stumbled on them via Instagram and made a point to go check out the store. It’s a fantastic little shop full of organic/biodynamic/natural wines and they are very friendly and there is a wonderful and gentle big dog there.

Wine + Eggs – Atwater Village

This place just opened up and also had a great selection of natural wines as well as farm fresh eggs, flowers, and all kinds of snacks and things. A very useful addition to the neighborhood.

Hermon Tennis Courts – Highland Park

Went here with Jona and Claire to play tennis. They have a bunch of courts, and the place is full of dogs. AAAA+++!

*I’m currently operating on a six day week which is why there are so many places listed.