2022 Shareholder Summit

The 2022 Shareholder Summit was on June 11th, 2022. The event was a live series of fireside chats with various stakeholders.

Fireside Chats

Josh and Jed

Josh is my oldest friend and has been a collaborator on many projects throughout my life. He is also an early and major shareholder. He sat down with Jed, who I was in the Army with. We served together in Heidelberg, Germany. This is a talk from people who knew me before I was publicly traded.

Marcus and Patrick

Marcus is another long time friend and shareholder. We also started a company together and he chatted with my new biggest shareholder who revealed himself and his intentions during this chat about the present and the future of KmikeyM.

Kathryn and Marijke

One of the shortcomings in building a community of shareholders is that it has not always been compatible with building a personal relationship. Marijke, my ex-fiancé, had a one on one conversation with my partner Kathryn about how romance and capitalism intersect.


All six guests then had the opportunity to ask questions of one another is this “cage match” version of a fireside chat.