Book Title Bounty

Kevin and I are working on the book proposal for KmikeyM, and while I’m biased, I will say that it’s going pretty well! We have an outline, a sample chapter that we are cleaning up, and our agent seems pretty excited about it.

One thing we do not have is a title.

I am not good at naming things (my project is called KmikeyM!). When I was at Panic I remember watching the co-founders working SO HARD to name a new app or project. It was agony. People struggle naming everything from apps to their kids because names are important.

How can the story of KmikeyM be titled? Imagine an expanded and even deeper dive into all the aspects of KmikeyM that I was able to do with the TED talk… what title speaks to all of that? A title that encompasses all that is wonderful and screwed up about applying the rules of capitalism to a person? A title that sells the book, is maybe a bit provocative, and reinforces the strange story of being publicly traded?

🏴‍☠️ Bounty Offer

So I’m offering a bounty for the title.

Here is a form you can submit with an idea for the title of the book:

🧠 Title Idea Form

Terms of the bounty:

  • If we use your submission I’ll give you 75 shares.
  • If we use some derivative of your idea I’ll give you 50 shares.
  • If your idea sparks the eventual title I’ll give you 25 shares.

I’ve always said that having shareholders is like having a superpower, and this is a perfect example of that. With the expanded brain power of everyone reading I suspect we’ll come up with perfect title! You can submit as many ideas as you’d like! Go nuts!