📧 Los Angeles GHH Meetup

Hello Shareholders!

Are you in LA? Then I want to give you money. Well, kind of.

On Friday, June 30th shareholder Alex Mahan and I are hosting a Guerrilla Happy Hour at The Fable in Eagle Rock from 5-7pm.

We’ve been doing GHH since 2011, and now that we don’t live in the same city we try to do it every time we’re in the same place. Not in Los Angeles? Well, we’re planning to have another GHH next month when I’m in Portland.

I’m currently writing this in Palm Springs where it’s not the forecasted 105°F, but only 97°F today. We still got on our bikes this morning and went for a ride, taking a break to visit the Palm Springs Air Museum (Kathryn has an idea for a project set during WW2). We toured the inside of Miss Angela, a 1945 B-17 Bomber, wandered though hanger after hanger of planes, planes, and more planes, including a lear jet that was used in the A-Team, and the weirdest of all planes, the F-117 stealth fighter. It’s a great museum in that it has all the charm and personality of something much smaller, but with all these huge planes and exhibits (mostly WW2, but also other stuff).

Being on vacation, even just for a few days, reminds me that I don’t have to do very much to be happy. There is a freedom to only having a few things with me (no extra screens!) and very little planned each day. I actually feel more productive when I feel like I have less to do.

In addition to this newsletter I updated my Agile Resolutions and wrote up my 2023 Second Quarter Review.

2023 Second Quarter Review

One of the main things that struck me about the second quarter review was the numbers at the very bottom. There are currently 3,646 people on this list, and only 1,186 of them hold shares. So if even 10% of the 2,460 of you who don’t own shares bought just one share it would be a massive boost to the total number of shareholders!

Easiest way to buy a share is kmikeym.com/buy (which is designed for new people who don’t have an account yet).

That’s it for now! Looking forward to seeing folks at the Guerrilla Happy Hour and stay tuned for more information about the Shareholder Summit.

Profitably Yours,
-K. Mike Merrill