📧 New Policies For Shareholder Control

As part of an ever-refining attempt to perfect experiment with my own process as a publicly traded person I’m updating the Policy Votes! The idea behind Policy Votes is “always-on” votes that change based on new information. Every three months I’m going to highlight these polices and encourage updates (and also add new ones!).

Work projects are kicking back into gear. I’m currently working on two big projects that are still waiting to be announced, which makes it hard to talk about them. 

The if/come podcast proposal passed (89%) and Kathryn and I started to record the process of Kathryn’s pitches. We don’t have a launch date for the first episode because I want to captures much as possible and then build out the story and explain her pitch process.

As we enter the final days of January I’ll be revisiting my Agile Resolutions and setting them for next month and reflecting on everything else that has been going on. 

🗳 Policy Votes

Welcome to the new Policy Votes. I wrote up some thoughts on the update here but the main points are:

  • Quarterly updates and encouragement for new votes
  • Vote on drugs, crypto, and super hero movies (the vices of our modern era?)
  • New policy vote for my morning routine

🗳 Policy Votes

💼 Work

I need a way to talk with you about the big projects I’m doing that aren’t public yet, so in the spirit of “what would a corporation do?” let’s use some project codenames:


The team had a great meeting to kick off the new year and we’re diving back into development. We have essentially an LOI with this project that is based on getting to a milestone where money will change hands, and then the terms will be negotiated in more detail. Before that we (myself and two others) have some work to do on the main ideas.


This is what I’ve spent most of last year working on and we’re entering the next major phase of this project. We have signed a term sheet and have set a deadline to finish this by the end of the quarter. I set up a burndown chart to track our progress so I’ll be able to track our progress. Financially this project is a real gamble, but I’m optimistic. While we were funded to build it we put almost all the money into the creation and we’re hoping to make money once we release it. 

🎧 if/come Podcast

We’ve recorded together a few times to capture how Kathryn’s current slate of pitches is going. There have already been some ups and downs and we’re only a month into January. For now we’re not trying to predict when we will launch because I want to get more material and also to interrogate Kathryn’s pitch process.

You can subscribe to the if/come project here to make sure you receive any official updates. 

🔮 Everything Else

🍪 Girl Scout Cookies

My niece is in the Girl Scouts and I’m buying some cookies from her. If you’re so inclined and want to help her reach her goal you can order here

Everyone knows the best ones are Samoas but I also like to order a box of the Lemon-Ups because they have inspirational messages (the goal meter on her page doesn’t update immediately after you make an order, which is disappointing). 

📜 The South Sea Bubble

I made a video about the South Sea Bubble and then tried to cram some cut-downs of that video into my social feeds. For my next video I want to dig into companies that have different classes of stocks and the various voting rights they hold.

And please subscribe to the Youtube channel! Youtube limits some features of the platform until you reach subscriber milestones. I’m going to do an review of this first video and look at which platforms performed the best, but I already know I need to script my next video to make the cut-downs better.