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  • 2024 Preview

    2024 Preview

    📜 Introduction The main theme of 2024 is profitability. After a year of dipping into savings I need to make and save money. I’d ideally like to do this via projects that relate to KmikeyM, or at least use the skills I’ve developed with KmikeyM. And as part of that I’d like to spend more…

  • 2023 Review

    2023 Review

    I started 2023 with a lot of excitement, and while I accomplished a lot I ended the year feeling a bit disappointed and reserved. It’s easy for me to make big plans and it’s a lot harder to look back and try to understand why things didn’t happen. A Quiet Year The two biggest endeavors…

  • 2023 Preview

    2023 Preview

    Having finished the 2022 Review the next and much harder task is creating a 2023 Preview. It’s easy to go back and cherry pick the highlights of the last twelve months. It’s a lot harder to look ahead and set goals I know I will fail. I don’t do typical New Years Resolutions, but have…