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  • Thick Quest: Glendale

    Thick Quest: Glendale

    For the month of January Kathryn and I challenged ourselves to a Thick Quest. Thick Quest is a term used to describe the challenge of eating at all the restaurants on a street. It traces its origin to the concept of “honorable gluttony” in medieval Europe, which was the concept that consuming large amounts of…

  • 2023 Preview

    2023 Preview

    Having finished the 2022 Review the next and much harder task is creating a 2023 Preview. It’s easy to go back and cherry pick the highlights of the last twelve months. It’s a lot harder to look ahead and set goals I know I will fail. I don’t do typical New Years Resolutions, but have…

  • 2022 Review

    2022 Review

    At the end of every year I am thinking more about the coming year and all that I want to accomplish and what I didn’t quote finish. But actually taking the time to look back at 2022 I’m a surprised at how much happened in the KmikeyM community. TEDxVienna Talk I waited not so patiently…

  • DBA


    Last month the shareholders decided I should not (yet) create a corporation. I was surprised, but I appreciate the expertise of my shareholders who voted to reduce complexity. I was also a little sad, because I thought it would be fun to name a company. Then I realized that as a sole proprietor I can…

  • Book Title Bounty

    Book Title Bounty

    Kevin and I are working on the book proposal for KmikeyM, and while I’m biased, I will say that it’s going pretty well! We have an outline, a sample chapter that we are cleaning up, and our agent seems pretty excited about it. One thing we do not have is a title. I am not…

  • 2022 Shareholder Summit

    2022 Shareholder Summit

    The 2022 Shareholder Summit was on June 11th, 2022. The event was a live series of fireside chats with various stakeholders. Fireside Chats Josh and Jed Josh is my oldest friend and has been a collaborator on many projects throughout my life. He is also an early and major shareholder. He sat down with Jed,…

  • 2022 Auction of New Shares

    2022 Auction of New Shares

    Welcome to the 2022 Auction of New KmikeyM Shares! This is an explanation of how the auction will work. If you’re looking to submit a bid you can do that here. Background There are 100,000 shares of KmikeyM. You can check the Leaderboard to see how many of those shares are currently in the hands…

  • Social Media Dark Mode

    Social Media Dark Mode

    We know social media is bad for society but we use it anyway. As much as I love connecting with people, doing so in an environment that is actively harmful feels like too high a price. How should a person exist online? That is the question I put to my shareholders in April of 2022.…

  • KmikeyM @ TEDxVienna

    KmikeyM @ TEDxVienna

    In October of 2021 I was able to go on stage at TEDxVienna and talk about how I became publicly traded. Thankfully they cut out the parts where I cried. I’ll write more on this later but I am excited to be able to share the video with you all!

  • November Challenge: Strangers

    November Challenge: Strangers

    With 36% support, a clear example of why need to update the weejee voting system, the shareholders have endorsed the idea of reaching out to strangers this month. 📧 Reach Out to a Stranger – I was thinking how great it was to meet so many people at the talk in Vienna and wondered if…