Creating the Board

We’re coming up on Build Week Part 2 where we will incorporate Membership Shares and create new tiered levels of support that offer additional benefits to shareholders.

The highest level of support and access will be the new Board of Directors. As a cold hearted capitalist I’m allowing people to buy a position on the board, but after a shareholder vote there will also be some appointed and some elected. To be considered for the board you can fill out the Nominations Form:

Board Structure

Per shareholder mandate, there will be 12 positions on the Board of Directors.

  1. Chairman of the Board: Mike Merrill
  2. To be appointed by the Chairman
  3. To be appointed by the Chairman
  4. To be appointed by the largest shareholder
  5. To be elected by shareholders
  6. To be elected by shareholders
  7. Available for purchase
  8. Available for purchase
  9. Available for purchase
  10. Available for purchase
  11. Available for purchase
  12. Available for purchase

Board terms will initially be a one year term. Appointments and elections will occur in December for odd number seats and June for even number seats (this will not apply to purchased positions).

The board will meet four times a year and presented with updates including non-public information. Board members will be able to offer guidance and advice year around, and may be consulted on non-public issues.

One interesting aspect of Board Membership is ensuring that board members, whether purchased, appointed, or elected, maintain the confidentiality of what is said in Board Meetings. Only if I can trust the members of the board can I be fully transparent with them. So it makes sense that the Board of Directors should also be my spiritual leaders.

The Church of Capitalism

All the members of the board will be ordained as Universal Life Church ministers so that they can act as my spiritual advisors. This special relationship allows for some protection of my privacy when I confess and get counsel from my chosen spiritual leaders.

Eugene McCarraher wrote The Enchantments of Mammon based on the idea that capitalism is the modern religion.

Capitalism, he argues, is full of sacrament, whether or not it is acknowledged. Capitalist enchantment first flowered in the fields and factories of England and was brought to America by Puritans and evangelicals whose doctrine made ample room for industry and profit. Later, the corporation was mystically animated with human personhood, to preside over the Fordist endeavor to build a heavenly city of mechanized production and communion. By the twenty-first century, capitalism has become thoroughly enchanted by the neoliberal deification of “the market.”

Harvard University Press

And in applying the framework of a Board of Directors to my personal life, this council is essentially taking on the role of a spiritual advisor.


Board Members should also be on special committees. These committees will depend on some combination of the skills of the board members and my own needs, but initially I would like to have a Nominations Committee that takes ownership of finding great board members and building out that process (like improving the initial nominations form).

Other committees, which could also include non-board member shareholders, could take ownership of things like Health & Fitness, Self Improvement, Special Projects, Technology, and even politics, hobbies, or anything else that might bring more value to KmikeyM.

More To Come…

As we continue to build the Board of Directors and update the roles, responsibilities, and committees we will share more information here.