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  • Announcing EGG

    Announcing EGG

    We’re about three episodes into my new podcast Experimental Garden Group, or “EGG.” Co-hosted by my former business partner, current shareholder, and longtime collaborator Marcus Estes, we’ve also roped in an engineer and Tom Carroll is our producer. With EGG we’re exploring alternative investments, meaning anything outside of stocks, bonds, and cash. And by exploring…

  • Let’s Talk About Snacks

    Let’s Talk About Snacks

    In 2016 I acquired a 51% stake in Snacker.News, a news feed style site about snacks and food. The other 49% is owned by the Snacker.News CTO Josh Yaganeh. Since the acquisition we’ve experimented with a number of new endeavors under the Snacker.News banner including: Original content under the ‘Snack Lords‘ banner A new logo,…

  • Our Incredible Journey

    Our Incredible Journey

    There’s a wise old saying that “All good things must come to an end.” So it’s with a potent mixture of emotions — gratitude, sadness, regret, highs, lows, some middles, joy, grief, incandescent rage, the love that a mother feels towards her newborn child, that feeling of accomplishment you get when you take out the…