Let’s Talk About Snacks

In 2016 I acquired a 51% stake in Snacker.News, a news feed style site about snacks and food. The other 49% is owned by the Snacker.News CTO Josh Yaganeh. Since the acquisition we’ve experimented with a number of new endeavors under the Snacker.News banner including:

  • Original content under the ‘Snack Lords‘ banner
  • A new logo, the “pretzkull”
  • A snack surprise rating delivery subscription service
  • An infrequent mailing list

Five years into this media endeavor I tried a podcast and posted a number of episodes of “Snack Chat.”

When the opportunity to acquire Snacker.News came up it fit my model of “As Above, So Below” which is a Hermetic phrase that refers to the microcosm and macrocosm. Being a man of business I think of it as a way to apply the business framework of multinational companies to my personal life (see also; kmikeym). When I encountered Snacker.News I thought, “How do I engage this like a corporation?” and that led me to the idea of a media acquisition. Put that initial success led to a new opportunity. Now that Snacker.News was mine, what do i do with it?

Snacker.News has always been an experiment. I’m not sure what a community of snack enthusiasts would actually look like, but snacks offer an easy entry point to play with concepts around community building, social media, and online businesses.

If you have ideas about snacks, thoughts on food trends, or just like to talk about the mechanics of online community building get in touch and maybe we can try out some ideas with Snacker.News.