• Super Hero Movies

    Super Hero Movies

    In 2017 I realized that watching Agents of SHIELD was a form of procrastination. There is something about watching teamwork that I found both relaxing and rewarding, but I knew there was better television and movies to watch. I challenged myself with a vote for “No More Tights” and swore off superhero content. In 2023 […]

  • 2023 First Quarter Review

    2023 First Quarter Review

    After three months of Agile Resolutions I’m pretty pleased with the progress being made in 2023. I’m still working on the balance between the fun of planning and the grind of doing the work and my process is evolving. Each week I look my monthly goals and set up weekly tasks which I then schedule […]

  • Hamburger Business Review Series Order

    Hamburger Business Review Series Order

    On March 15th, 2023 I ordered a pilot episode of Hamburger Business Review cohosted by me and Zach Rose. The initial pitch that sold me on the idea was that Zach and I would read and the discuss a Harvard Business Review case study about McDonald’s. Harvard Business Review has over thirty case studies about […]

  • Policy Votes

    Policy Votes

    In 2019 I read ‘How to Change Your Mind‘ by Michael Pollan after having a few low dosage mushroom experiences. It was fun! But a part of me wondered if this was a good idea, and more specifically if my shareholders would approve. Ever since becoming a publicly traded person I’ve tried to balance my […]

  • Payments & Deposits

    Payments & Deposits

    During Build Week 2023 we created some new ways to buy shares. Shareholders and new users can now buy immediately, skipping the deposit step, and we’ve also added automatic monthly purchases with Dollar Cost Averaging. Here are the details and links for all the options: Deposits Depositing money into your account is done in the […]

  • 2023 Build Week

    2023 Build Week

    Build Week kicked off on Feb 17th with a live stream. We went through all the feature requests we’ve built up on Change Map and organized a list of what we expect we can accomplish. Video One: Planning Video Two: Demo Day! Highlights: An epic amount of new features was completed in just four days. […]

  • Thick Quest: Glendale

    Thick Quest: Glendale

    For the month of January Kathryn and I challenged ourselves to a Thick Quest. Thick Quest is a term used to describe the challenge of eating at all the restaurants on a street. It traces its origin to the concept of “honorable gluttony” in medieval Europe, which was the concept that consuming large amounts of […]

  • 2023 Preview

    2023 Preview

    Having finished the 2022 Review the next and much harder task is creating a 2023 Preview. It’s easy to go back and cherry pick the highlights of the last twelve months. It’s a lot harder to look ahead and set goals I know I will fail. I don’t do typical New Years Resolutions, but have […]

  • 2022 Review

    2022 Review

    At the end of every year I am thinking more about the coming year and all that I want to accomplish and what I didn’t quote finish. But actually taking the time to look back at 2022 I’m a surprised at how much happened in the KmikeyM community. TEDxVienna Talk I waited not so patiently […]

  • DBA


    Last month the shareholders decided I should not (yet) create a corporation. I was surprised, but I appreciate the expertise of my shareholders who voted to reduce complexity. I was also a little sad, because I thought it would be fun to name a company. Then I realized that as a sole proprietor I can […]