Mailing Lists

📧 I love email. Probably because I got started in tech by working in support. I strive, and mostly fail, at achieving inbox zero. In the past there was one KmikeyM email list to rule them all, but in our modern age it has made more sense to break things into smaller pieces and let people manage their level of involvement based on their interests.

KmikeyM Main List

This is the big one. Everyone should be on this one. Whenever there is a major vote or big news I write it up here. This is the free version of my Substack and has a bit over 3,000 people on it.

The frequency is maybe a little more than once per month.

($) Insider Info Mailing List

While the main list is free and all that is recommended to stay up to date, there is also a paid version called “Insider Info.” It’s $50/yr and updated sporadically (typically more frequently when I am not traveling) but dives into deeper and more personal matters.

52 Improvements

My brother (and shareholder) Curt and I like to make small improvements to our lives/homes and we share them with each other on this list. You can follow along and maybe get some ideas.

Shareholder Poker Game List

We have a weekly Shareholder Poker Game and this list is just an announcement every Tuesday about the game, but I try to jazz it up with some fun facts on occasion.

Shareholder Book Club List

I tried to start a shareholder book club during the pandemic but couldn’t maintain it so this is currently closed. Mailing List

I acquired a majority stake in in 2016 and this is an infrequently sent email of some of the best posts.

Publicly Traded, Privately Held Mailing List

This project is on hold and isn’t currently accepting new members to the mailing list.