Mailing Lists

📧 I love email. Probably because I got started in tech by working in support. I strive, and mostly fail, at achieving inbox zero. In the past there was one KmikeyM email list to rule them all, but in our modern age it has made more sense to break things into smaller pieces and let people manage their level of involvement based on their interests.

KmikeyM Main List

This is the big one. Everyone should be on this one. When you first sign up there is a three email series of automated messages I wrote that help bring you up to speed on all things KmikeyM and whenever there is a major vote or big news I post to here.

The frequency is maybe a little more than once per month.

KmikeyM Weekly and Daily ($) List

I write every day, mostly for myself, but as a publicly traded person I give the option of reading my diary anyone willing to pay $50/yr can read it in realtime.

The free version of this list is a weekly recap of the market, votes, what I’ve been up to, and the numbers I use to try to manage my life. If you’re interested in being an active trader I’d recommend the free weekly version.

52 Improvements

My brother Curt and I have pledged to make at least one improvement to our lives/home each week of 2021 and we hold each other accountable with this mailing list. You can follow along and maybe get some ideas.

Shareholder Poker Game List

We have a weekly Shareholder Poker Game which is broken into four seasons. At the end of each season someone wins a prize. The first prize we gave out was a pair of Microshock Pumps! underwear (that link is borderline NSFW) because that is my underwear of choice and I talked about it too much that season.

This list is basically just an announcement every Tuesday about the game, but I try to jazz it up with some fun facts on occasion.

Shareholder Book Club List

This one is about books. In the past I’ve posted chapter by chapter notes of the books we’re reading, so the frequency can be pretty high. On the other hand I can get distracted and not update this for weeks at a time. It’s a learning process. Mailing List

I acquired a majority stake in in 2016 and this is an weekly-ish email of some of the best posts.

Publicly Traded, Privately Held Mailing List

While this project has been on hold for a while it does technically have its own mailing list. If you’re interested in my ghostwritten crowdsourced crowd-funded erotic fan fiction then this list is for you.