My first book:

Publicly Traded, Privately Held

The world’s first ghostwritten crowdsourced crowd-funded erotic fan fiction. A work of fiction about the world’s first publicly traded person.

Coming soon.


In February of 2017 the shareholders endorsed the creation of a new project. Publicly Traded, Privately Held would be the world’s first self-published ghostwritten crowdsourced crowd-funded faux-autobiographical erotic fan fiction.

In August of 2017 64 backers pledged $5072 on Kickstarter for various levels of involvement in the creation of this ground breaking work.

In early 2018 initial drafts were shared with backers and feedback was collected on characters and plot ideas. Later that year the project utilized a new platform for backer feedback called weejee.

After working down on a horror/thriller like scenario the backers agreed to return to the premise and start again. Various concepts were solicited and a new plan forward was found in late 2019.