In March of 2018 I invested $100 into Are.na via their investment campaign on Republic via a Crowd SAFE (Crowdfunding Simple Agreement for Future Equity). The actual investment in WHEN IT CHANGED, INC., a Delaware Corporation that created and operates Are.na.

The idea of a SAFE was developed by Y Combinator as replacement for the more typical convertible note. A SAFE allows for the same general terms as a convertible note, but a SAFE is not a debt instrument. The contract with Are.na is that I get to convert my $100 into shares on certain conditions but I get a 20% discount on the purchase (in exchange for funding them so early).

Are.na is a visual organization tool used by creatives. They describe it as:

Are.na is a knowledge sharing platform that combines the creative back-and-forth of social media with the focus of a productivity tool — stripping away distractions to let you focus on your ideas.

In their Q1 + Q2 2020 Investor Report they state:

  • Over 11k Monthly Active Members
  • Premium members (paid accounts) are 40% of MAM
  • Added 1,855 new paying members (+9.2%)
  • Reached goal of $20k MRR (technically just shy of it)

Goals for end of 2020:

  • $35k MRR

I have a few Are.na channels:

But I haven’t found my own exact use case for it yet.