CTRL ALTZ: SD26 Professional Athlete Token

Surprising news coming from the NBA: Professional basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie has had a disappointing response to his offering of tokenized shares in his $34 million contract with the National Basketball Association (NBA). Cointelegraph The regulatory filings were posted to the SEC website and only 9 of the 90 shares were sold. Each share cost $150,000 so… Continue reading CTRL ALTZ: SD26 Professional Athlete Token


In March of 2018 I invested $100 into Are.na via their investment campaign on Republic via a Crowd SAFE (Crowdfunding Simple Agreement for Future Equity). The actual investment in WHEN IT CHANGED, INC., a Delaware Corporation that created and operates Are.na. The idea of a SAFE was developed by Y Combinator as replacement for the… Continue reading CTRL ALTZ: Are.na

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After I met Alex and had a chat with him I decided to buy some $ALEX tokens for two reasons. I want participate in the world’s secondly publicly traded person! I want to understand first hand how difficult the process is of using crypto as a solution. Back in 2015 I tried buying some Ethereum… Continue reading CTRL ALTZ: $ALEX

CTRL ALTZ: Magic Cards

When shareholder Kyle Barry told me he was presenting at the 2020 Shareholder Conference on investing in Magic cards I asked if he had any for sale. He sold me a Taiga, which is now part of my Alternative Assets portfolio.


On May 7th 2020 I joined a handful of others selling my time on the HumanIPO marketplace. HumanIPO let’s you invest in the time of other people, holding it as it rises or falls in value, redeeming it for the labor of the person who sold their time, or trading on the ups and downs… Continue reading CTRL ALTZ: HumanIPO

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CTRL ALTZ: The Tannery

Alternative assets are investments that aren’t stock, bonds, or certificates. Those are known as traditional assets, leaving everything else the “alternative:” antiques precious metals stamps coins baseball arts shares in privately held startups “An alternative investment is anything that you wouldn’t hear a financial advisor at a bank steer a client toward. These investments are… Continue reading CTRL ALTZ: The Tannery