The Critical FAQ

If you’ve ever received media attention you know how the internet will enable you to receive unsolicited critiques from strangers. While many people advise ignoring the comment section I like to embrace it.

For example, after Rick Pace of Pace Photography wrote me some mean-spirited emails I asked if I could share our exchange and he agreed, so now I have this wonderful FAQ…

1. Let me first say I understand what you are doing is a gimmick to make money, and if people buy into it good for you. People buy into honey boo boo as well. It doesn’t make them smart.

Gimmick is an interesting term, but I think the larger point we’re discussing is motivation. Here’s some context: this all started with close friends! I’ve been doing this for five years, and I fully expect to be doing it in five more years. People buy in because it’s fun! I try to keep it fun for them. I appreciate that they want to take part and I work to live up to those expectations.

2. You are having your whole life controlled by mostly strangers. How did you even start this? Who would put money into this?

Like I said, initially mostly friends , but it’s open because I think the kind of people who will invest are like me in some way. If I saw this I would invest! As for motivations… Again, it’s fun! You get to guide a person in their life. It’s a wonderful strategic game with real stakes! (I like games. I used to design them as my day job.)

3. Did you start this because you are incapable of making decisions?

Not incapable, but I admit I have faults and this is a system to hold me accountable to my peers.

4. Do you do it because you feel you can’t be held responsible for your own actions? “Well some guys I don’t know told me to” isn’t a good excuse or reason.

But some people who invested their hard earned money WANT me to do these things! I made a promise and I want to live up to that promise.

Isn’t a “law” just something a stranger told you to do or not do? 🙂

5. Also, how is this enforceable? You are all of a sudden republican? That should be YOUR choice. How will anyone actually know who you vote for. Brainwashed much? Maybe you should change religions next. Maybe you should turn gay? Where is the line?

It’s only as enforceable as I choose to make it. That’s why I describe it as a high risk investment. If I choose to quit, everyone gets screwed over! If people think I’m going to do that, they should not buy shares! I advise most people not to buy shares until they’ve done their research.

6. What if you want to break up with your girlfriend, but they won’t let you? Guess you just have to be unhappy.


7. Can you buy back shares? Is this just because you don’t want a “real job”?

I have a real job! And I could make an offer to buy shares back, but the shareholders would have to approve it.

8. (I had said, “I think the process of applying a system to interpersonal relationships and personal choices is not as odd as it may seem. We all do it subconsciously!”) We don’t all do it subconsciously, no matter how bad you may want that to be true.

Oh, I just mean things like the rules of society. Like how we all wear pants or whatever. As much as we like to think we are unique special snowflakes the truth is we are very shaped by our community. This is a good thing!

9. Do you expect only gullible people with disposable income to buy into this?

I agree, but I wouldn’t use those words. I expect people who identify something of value (what that might be is different for each person!) in this project and who have disposable income they can risk will buy into this.

No one should invest large amounts unless they can afford to lose it. The price could go down! Be careful! If anyone is worried about the risks of me just taking the money and running off to the Cayman Islands they should not invest. (And that’s okay, we can still be friends.)