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🍆 Mature content

ENIAC Six Shirt $30-$35

Claire Evans merch related to her book Broadband. “Kay McNultyBetty JenningsBetty SnyderMarlyn MeltzerFran Bilas, and Ruth Lichterman were the six female programmers of the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, the first electronic general-purpose computer. They’re known to history as the ENIAC Six. I always thought that’d make a killer all-girl punk band name.”

🌴 Endorffeine Coffee Cold Brew Growler $24

Sold via Instagram DM, Endorffeine not only makes the best cold brew I’ve ever had, but during the pandemic has been delivering it to my door! It’s the best. If you live in Los Angeles you have try this.

Bands T-Shirt $24

Dreem Street offers a range of options but the Band T-Shirt is my favorite. “All items are hand printed by an actual artist at our studios in our Portland, OR and Bozeman, MT. Images are painted onto a screen with drawing fluid and screen filler, hand pulled in very short editions, we use water-based ink, with no photochemical process or burning involved, no computer, and no automated print mechanisms. No shirt is without its own individual flaws and will not look like the shirts you get at the mall.”

Jason Sturgill’s Pins, Prints, and More $4.50 to $40

I love Jason’s Teamwork Makes Dreams Work print because it is very similar though not as dystopian as my Community Through Capitalism slogan. But I’m linking to his entire page of things for sale on Buy Olympia because it’s all great.

YACHT Dashed Smiangle Tee $25

Another classic from the YACHT archives. Featuring the YACHT “Smiangle” logo in a minimal white-dashed-line iteration on a super-soft 100% cotton black tee.

The Original VIDEO PIZZA $9.99

The original VIDEO PIZZA by WOLF CHOIR is a one of a kind way to spend the evening! A full hour of rotating pizza montage with soothing sizzling sound effects, adds the perfect ambience to any party experience! When the pizza ends, simply push play and watch again and again! 

VIDEO PIZZA spins to sizzling sounds as endlessly turns, so you can play your own pump-up music! Or if you prefer, relax to the soothing sounds of sizzling.

⭐ Books $10.87 and up

The MASSIVE BOOKSHOP is a local-online bookseller based in western Massachusetts and I’ve been using it as a way to stop buying from Amazon. In addition to a number of great books on hand, like Capital: Volume 1: A Critique of Political Economy, you can also use their “anti-Prime” service, the Book Hook-Up to find any book in the world.

Enter code “KMIKEYM” at checkout to receive 10% off any book purchase made before December 31, 2020.

Discount code limited to one use per customer. .

Puddle Is an Ocean to an Ant Audiobook $9.99 (or 1 Audible credit)

Puddle Is an Ocean to an Ant is the first and last book of its kind by Cal LaFountain. This scattered journey drifts from Tennessee to North Carolina to Vermont, exploring an aimless American life after college. A series of audio travel stories dissects the tension that results when persona collides with reality, the webs of addiction, and the burden of striving to establish a world of one’s own.

The Little Book of OAuth 2.0 RFCs $19

A copy of “The Little Book of OAuth 2.0 RFCs”, a novelty gift for the special software developer in your life!

⭐ Expert Transcription $75/hour

Expert transcription for podcasts, videos, or whatever. In English. Technical terminology is OK, up to three speakers. $75 per hour of transcribed thing (this is half off my normal rate). Haven’t made a site for this service yet, but you can view an example of a multi-hour podcast here.

2020 Tax Preparation

Taxes are challenging for most people; for Alex they are a passion. He is a New York State CPA specializing in taxes and has a background in public accounting firms and district accounting.

Plus he’s a shareholder and pretty good poker player!

Organized Chaos Crochet (various)

Becki’s embroidery in hoops but a little more fun than you might be expecting.

She can also customize text! Get in touch!

Vinyl Moon $27 – $30 per month

The most unique and engaging vinyl records around. It’s a curated mixtape format vinyl record club… with art too!

Enterprise Interactive Content Platform

The ion Platform – Launch, Test and Measure with Agility

Unlike hand-coded development, platform- based interactive experiences require no code and none of the quality assurance and resource- intensive headaches that go along with it. And because all experiences share a common, consistent foundation, they all relate to one another—enabling progressive relevance that drives velocity and results.

A Cat’s Guide To Money: Everything You Need to Know to Master your Purrsonal Finances, Explained by Cats $20

Lillian Karabaic’s guide to personal finance. These are the principles that helped me get out of credit card debt! “A Cat’s Guide to Money will help you identify your personal values and priorities, craft a customized budget, pay off your debt, and achieve financial security.”

The Skincare Collection $138

Jennifer Cox’s June Botanicals has put together a collection of her products called the Natural Glow Set which she calls “the anti-aging trifecta.”

Handmade and Custom Buddies $20 CAN

There are a limited number of Buddies available but Emma also offers custom repair/restoration and has done some pretty amazing custom orders (like turning a grandmother’s beloved coat into five stuffed teddy bears for her grandchildren).

Personal Piano Coaching $45 per half hour

Need help with any piano piece you’re working on, want to bounce some ideas, or just starting out? Schedule a piano coaching with George Ko and he will tailor a custom 1-on-1 online piano coaching session with you and work on exactly what you would like to. If there’s a new piece you want to learn, work on your technique, build your ability to improvise/compose, or just ask for general advice, George’s coaching will help you be on the path to achieving your goals.

The Marigny Wines – SOLD OUT

The Marigny is a small winery that’s big on fun. Their vineyards are managed sustainably and organically by a crew that you can count on your fingers and these are my favorite wines but they are sold out. Try again in 2021.

Whole Bean Carnelian Coffee $16 – $40

Carnelian is a small roaster in Portland Oregon that has long been a favorite of mine. If you’re in Portland and there isn’t a pandemic you should stop by, otherwise order some of their fantastic beans.

Rock, Gem, and Stone Earrings and Bolo Ties $100 – $150

Alison Jean Cole is a geology enthusiast and artist who crafts all kinds of beautiful rocks into new shapes.

AI Synthesis’ Eurorack Modules, Kits, and Sound Making Devices $10 – $189

The highest quality parts, aluminum panels, and circuity. All modules are wiring free, have free schematics always, full how-to build videos, feature easy to solder pads, and the instructions provide insight as to the workings of the circuit, so you learn as you go.

⭐ Stahl® Firepit $950 $665

The Stahl® Firepit is the ideal size for a backyard or patio, adding warmth and ambiance to any outdoor living space. Now available in A36 raw steel and black or silver anodized aluminum. 

Get in touch before purchase to take advantage of a 30% shareholder discount!

John Spain Artwork (various)

Cyanotype prints, silkscreens. small pieces of shibori dyed fabric, small abstract watercolor paintings. DM John for pricing and details!

⭐ Grawesome Shirts $24

Great and awesome T-shirts. Use code ‘SHAREHOLDER10’ for 10% off.

Mystery Zine Bundle $15

Bundle of 3-4 zines created by Sonya Mann, AKA @sonyasupposedly. Which zines? It’s a surprise! See the photos for examples of what you might receive.

CalStyle + Caltone Products $49+

Handmade woodcrafts including instruments (guitars, basses, ukuleles), cutting boards and charcuterie boards.

Pin Save the Climate $5.95 and up

Pins and stickers benefiting climate justice orgs.

🍆 A Leap of Faith $9.99/month

This is a work of art. Hi. I’m Norberto Rodriguez. I’m a conceptual artist who understands that art isn’t something you make but, something that makes itself through us.

If I were a painter, this would be my series of nude self-portraits. But, instead of a cute, chubby girl on canvas painted in oil, 720 years ago, it’s a middle aged man, on the internet, that’ll last forever.