Roadshow: Part One

Here is the route and schedule for Part One of the Shareholder Roadshow:

We’re going to cut diagonal across the United States and stop in seven cities along the way. For Part 2 we will go south to Florida and for Part 3 we will cross the bottom of the US back to Los Angeles. Here are the first stops and sates:

  1. Los Angeles, CA (Aug 8th)
  2. Las Vegas, NV (Aug 9th)
  3. Grand Junction, CO (Aug 10th)
  4. Denver, CO (Aug 11th)
  5. Omaha, NE (Aug 12th)
  6. Milwaukee, WI (Aug 13th)
  7. Grand Rapids, MI (Aug 14th)
  8. Niagara on the Lake, ON (Aug 15th)
    • Toronto, ON (Aug 17th)

If you are in any of these cities, or pretty close to any part of this route across America and into Canada then please sign up and I’ll be in touch about getting a coffee or going on a bike ride or walking Georgie in a park.