📜 A Brief History Of Mike


  • Born Kenneth Michael Merrill in Fairbanks, Alaska on May 17th, 1977
  • Raised in Coldfoot, AK, population 10
  • Started public school: 5th grade in Soldotna, AK
  • Graduated High School in Sitka, AK

The Army

  • Joined the Army at 17
  • Military Police
  • Stationed in Alabama
  • Stationed in Germany

Portland, Oregon

  • Moved to Portland (done with snow)
  • Worked a few private security jobs
  • Got hired in non-tech roles at tech companies
    • Tripwire
    • LinuxFund
    • Tranxition

Urban Honking

  • Moved into a house nicknamed “Rip City”
  • Co-founded online magazine
  • Converted magazine to local blog empire
  • Three seasons of online reality show
  • Started working at Panic, maker of fine Mac utilities and games


  • Inspired by the post-dotcom boom and bust launched publicly traded self


  • Started as a Nike+ TechStars accelerator company making games
  • Spent a year building games for Nike before they cancelled Nike “fuel”
  • Built games for Intel and VICE and plans to develop our own games
  • Pivoted hard into financial technology and investment crowdfunding
  • Launched a private investment portal in the state of Oregon
  • Entered Barclays TechStars program in New York to develop small business stock market


  • Sold my life rights to Jason Bateman for a movie that never happened
  • Moved to Los Angeles to join an advertising agency
  • Sold a show about my life to Amazon, left advertising
  • Right now