Nail Biting: Day 4

The vote to paint my nails this coral/orange color passed on the 10th of April and Kathryn painted my nails the approved color on the 11th. It’s been four days and I have not had a single instance of nail biting. So far so good.

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Purchase Log During Stay-At-Home Order

🧅40 lb of vidalia onions $99.95 🎁AirPods Pro for Kathryn (gift) $253.28 🚴‍♂️Bike repair + new tire at Cocos Variety $54.67 ☕Carnelian Coffee $41.00 🍕Take out pizza from Hail Mary $55.00 🚴‍♂️Quadlock Bike Mount $53.96 🎮Battletech game $5.00 🩲PUMP! underwear $79.00 🎮Kickstarter for new project from game creators I like $8.72 😷 Masks for Masks… Continue reading Purchase Log During Stay-At-Home Order

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