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  • CTRL ALTZ: SD26 Professional Athlete Token

    CTRL ALTZ: SD26 Professional Athlete Token

    Surprising news coming from the NBA: Professional basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie has had a disappointing response to his offering of tokenized shares in his $34 million contract with the National Basketball Association (NBA). Cointelegraph The regulatory filings were posted to the SEC website and only 9 of the 90 shares were sold. Each share cost $150,000 so […]

  • The World’s Second Publicly Traded Person

    The World’s Second Publicly Traded Person

    I’ve been a publicly traded person since 2008, and I’ve always called myself the “first” because I hoped more would come after. Today, 12 years later, the prophecy has been fulfilled! Alex Masmej has used cryptocurrency to become the second publicly traded person. I first spoke with Alex when we were both on a panel […]



    After I met Alex and had a chat with him I decided to buy some $ALEX tokens for two reasons. I want participate in the world’s secondly publicly traded person! I want to understand first hand how difficult the process is of using crypto as a solution. Back in 2015 I tried buying some Ethereum […]

  • My Attempted Ether Binge

    My Attempted Ether Binge

    “There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge.” Hunter S. Thompson In 2015 I was excited about crypto and I wanted some ether, the digital currency that powers Ethereum. We live in a consumer society, I thought, how hard can it […]