Biking 50 States in Los Angeles

During the Stay-At-Home order I’ve been banned from going to the gym, so I’ve been biking more. Pre-pandemic I was only biking around 40 miles a week but in making it my primary form of exercise I’m doing over a hundred.

To try to explore new parts of Los Angeles I created the 50 States Challenge. I’m going to bike the outline of each state mapped over the streets of LA.

My first route was my home state of Alaska, which I mapped around Glendale. I passed Walt Disney’s first home in Los Angeles, saw some horses, and connected parts of the city that always seemed so separate because of the freeways.

my route of Alaska
i mean, it’s not perfect, but you get the idea

Next I mapped out Washington over San Marino. This was a beautiful ride. Pasadena and San Marino have fantastic bike streets!

Then I got my first request, NEW HAMPSHIRE! I ended up laying New Hampshire on it’s side so it lined up with Chandler, a great east/west route.