A History of KmikeyM Facial Hair

My 12th shareholder question was about growing a mustache. In 2008 I proposed growing a “winter mustache” (something like Rollie Fingers) and it failed with 54% voting no. A close vote but at that time only fifteen people voted.

In 2015, after a shareholder mandated vacation to Mexico, I proposed the idea of growing out my beard. That vote failed with 53% voting no but this time it was far more shareholders.

Then in 2020, again after a vacation, this time to Toronto and then Hawaii, I proposed growing out my beard again and it passed with 68% approval.

Here are some pics of me with facial hair over the years:

Unflattering attempts…
Early 2020 daily selfie also showing beard congress

Here are some of my favorite mustaches:

Rollie Fingers
Tom Selleck
Burt Reynolds
Steve Prefontaine
My dad