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  • November Challenge: Strangers

    November Challenge: Strangers

    With 36% support, a clear example of why need to update the weejee voting system, the shareholders have endorsed the idea of reaching out to strangers this month. 📧 Reach Out to a Stranger – I was thinking how great it was to meet so many people at the talk in Vienna and wondered if […]

  • Vienna


    The national capital, largest city, and one of nine states of Austria, Vienna is Austria’s most populous city, with about 2.6 million within the metropolitan area, nearly one third of the country’s population. It’s the cultural, economic, and political centre and the 6th-largest city by population within city limits in the European Union. (wikipedia) 🇦🇹 […]

  • Do I Believe in Ghosts?

    Do I Believe in Ghosts?

    I think I saw a ghost. The problem is that I don’t believe in ghosts. At least, I don’t think I do… So I’m going to tell the story and then let you decide in a vote: 👻 Do I Believe in Ghosts? As I was driving back home to Los Angeles, CA from visiting […]

  • Monster’s Pizza

    Monster’s Pizza

    Location: 7101 S Florida Ave Floral City, FL 34436Website: We were biking the Withlacoochee State Trail and saw the little sign for “Pizza Subs Salads” and a path through the brush to Monster’s Pizza. It’s an unassuming storefront but it really paid off! The owner’s were there and were helpful and delightful. As we […]

  • July Challenge: Track Spending

    July Challenge: Track Spending

    The July Challenge was Record and Share Every Purchase which won at 33% support over “read five books” (21%) and “Go to a different LA Neighborhood every day” (15%)… so I made a spreadsheet. Then Lillian did her livestream where she talked about her finances and so I kind of invited myself on as a […]

  • 2021 North America Roadshow

    2021 North America Roadshow

    In 2021 Kathryn and I drove from Los Angeles diagonally across the United States to Niagara-On-The-Lake, Canada. After spending time there we then drove south to Ocala, Florida. And then I drove back to Los Angeles along across the southern United States. Here is the complete list of cities we stopped in: Los Angeles, CA […]

  • Let’s Talk About Snacks

    Let’s Talk About Snacks

    In 2016 I acquired a 51% stake in Snacker.News, a news feed style site about snacks and food. The other 49% is owned by the Snacker.News CTO Josh Yaganeh. Since the acquisition we’ve experimented with a number of new endeavors under the Snacker.News banner including: Original content under the ‘Snack Lords‘ banner A new logo, […]

  • June Challenge: Wake Up At 5am

    June Challenge: Wake Up At 5am

    The June challenge was almost over, with the majority of votes going to “Keep fresh flowers in the house.” I was excited, Kathryn was excited, and I was already looking up the public hours for the flower market when suddenly Josh came in and ruined the whole thing. He tipped the vote to “Wake up […]

  • Shareholder Roadshow

    Shareholder Roadshow

    When a company is going to IPO they will often do a “roadshow” and make presentations on why they are a great investment to institutional investors. As a publicly traded person I am adopting a more personal version of a roadshow: a road trip. I want to meet as many shareholders as possible! Starting in […]

  • Livestream with Oh My Dollar!

    Livestream with Oh My Dollar!

    ✨ Special Edition Livestream with Lillian of Oh My Dollar! (and more) We’ll talk about what the market has been doing this year, how the stock market isn’t the economy, and how efficient markets really are for decisions. 📻 Here is my previous appearance on Oh My Dollar! from 2018. 📺 Lillian’s YouTube Channel Anomalily, […]