PROFIT (Publicly-traded Research on Ownership, Finance, and Innovative Transactions) Labs is envisioned as a small scale experimental venture. Designed to be operated by a single individual deeply invested in the exploration of public ownership and collaborative decision-making, the lab focuses on hands-on experimentation within the realms of personal economics, the legal edges of market operations, and the practical application of economic theories in micro-settings.


PROFIT Labs, founded by KmikeyM, operates on the frontier of personal economics, aiming to dissect and innovate the principles of public ownership, collective decision-making, and the legal nuances of market activities. It’s a solo endeavor committed to applying economic concepts on a scale that emphasizes personal interaction and community involvement.

Core Explorations:

  1. Public Ownership Experiments: At the heart of PROFIT Labs is the direct experimentation with models of public ownership. This involves KmikeyM offering shares in his decisions and exploring the dynamics this creates, analyzing the impact on personal autonomy and group cohesion.
  2. Group Decision-Making: A focus on how decisions can be made collaboratively. This includes testing various voting systems, consensus mechanisms, and collaborative platforms to evaluate their efficiency, fairness, and practicality in real-world applications.
  3. Legal Exploration of Market Boundaries: Navigating the periphery of legal market operations to understand and challenge the constraints and possibilities. This entails a hands-on approach to identifying and pushing against the legal frameworks that govern public trade and ownership, aiming to uncover new spaces for economic experimentation.
  4. Micro-Economic Applications: Implementing broad economic theories in smaller, controlled settings to assess their viability without the need for large-scale operations. This includes community currency trials, localized barter systems, and the activation of temporary economic zones (TEZ).

Key Initiatives:

  • Personal Ownership Diaries: A series of documented exercises in which KmikeyM explores different aspects of being a publicly traded individual, buys into fractional interests, and reflects on the successes and challenges faced.
  • Legal Fringe Workshops: Interactive sessions focused on exploring and understanding the legalities of unconventional market practices, aimed at both educating and gathering community input.
  • Temporary Economic Zones: Small-scale projects that apply economic principles to community settings or personal finance, testing the theories’ practical impacts and documenting the outcomes.

Community Engagement:

PROFIT Labs prioritizes community feedback and involvement, leveraging social media, blogs, and direct interactions to gather input, share findings, and stimulate discussion around its experiments.


Through its focused, individual-led exploration, PROFIT Labs aims to contribute meaningful insights into the workings of public ownership, the mechanics of collective decision-making, and the practical application of economic principles in everyday life. The goal is to demystify these concepts, making them accessible and applicable for individuals and small communities, and inspiring further exploration in personal and micro-economics.