2020 Shareholder Conference

On Saturday, May 16th from 12:00PM – 2:00PM PT, KmikeyM we held the first annual K5M Shareholder Conference. A free and completely virtually video conference!

This conference, known as K5M Con 2020, was an opportunity to share the collective knowledge of the shareholder community and review the last year of KmikeyM. It was a time to learn more about the shareholder community and the subjects they are experts in!

All the talks were done in the style of pecha kucha, which means speakers had 20 slides, each of which was on screen for 20 seconds. So each talk was about 7 minutes.

Conference Speakers

Introduction to KmikeyM and Annual Review
K. Mike Merrill

Harry Styles: Queer Art Under Capitalism
Catherine Schetina

The Light Web: Why A Digital God Is Inevitable
Andrew Sloan

What is Money?
Marcus Estes

The Composition of an Original Song in Under Seven Minutes
George Ko

Very Alternative Investments: How To Invest in Magic
Kyle Barry

Prime Musings
Nina Beckhardt

Surfing Electromagnetic Waves
Beau Gunderson

EsPoRtS iS tHe OnLy SpOrT: Understanding the Myths & Truths Behind the Gaming Boom
Zachary Snader

Music and movies will get happier and faster during covid-19
Jesse Rifkin

How To Be an Artist
Norberto Rodriguez

Claire Evans

Shapes of Constant Width—Reuleaux Triangles, Meissner Tetrahedrons, and their ilk
Mont Chris Hubbard