💀 How It Ends

One of the big differences in being a publicly traded person vs. a publicly traded company is that while a company can live forever I will die.

My younger brother, and shareholder, is the beneficiary of any of my assets should I die. His instructions are to work with Aaron (the architect of the site) to buy back shares. No matter my assets no shareholder will be bought out for more than the current share price (based on a historical average value to prevent manipulation) so there is no way to profit from my death.

Can a share of me continue to hold value after my death? Perhaps I can become a collectible like a classic car or a baseball card? That seems worth pursuing.

An A.D. Marketplace

In order to continue after my death I would need a way to keep the lights on and some process to manage future development. The current costs of running KmikeyM are low, so the majority of funds would be for development, perhaps under the control of some elected group. They could be compensated in shares.

As of this writing I hold 86,818 shares. The current upkeep costs are well under $500 year and the share price has been pretty steady at $5 share for some time. Even assuming a lower stock price and higher annual cost, with developer costs every five or so year the site could cover costs until beyond 2108 when the project would be 100 years old.