2019 Annual Report

The 2019 Annual Report is released in tandem with the annual shareholder approval rating vote.

A few years ago I put up a vote for shareholder approval on my birthday. While the stock price reflects my “approval rating” to a certain extent, this has become an opportunity to receive critical feedback, as well as reflect on accomplishments from the past year. Since it’s become an annual tradition, I’m synchronizing my annual report to the same period. Think of it as my “fiscal year.”

It’s hard to look back on an entire year. Reviewing my calendar and photos, I am reminded of all the events and interactions I had completely forgotten about! Do I have a terrible memory, or is it normal to feel like I’m looking at the digital exhaust of a total stranger?

I left my job six weeks ago and am now going into an uncertain future, trying to figure out how to use my creative talents to make a living. That eclipses a lot of the more granular ups and downs of the last year.

And while the focus of this report is the last 12 months, I’m eager to focus on the future and discover how I can better and more consistently wield what I know is my greatest superpower: the shareholders. 

Over this next year, I will continue to develop the superpower of “Community through capitalism.” I will endeavor to better integrate it into my daily life. I will use it in a way that benefits everyone. The next year will involve weirder experiments, more frequent communication, and a steady stream of questions. With that deeper connection I expect great things will happen.

Download the full PDF here.