KmikeyM has been up and running for over ten years and there are some terms and ideas that might be new to you or just unique to the community of shareholders. Please contact us if you come across a term or phrase that is confusing and is not listed here.

Corporate Tourism – If history is told by the winners, then lets celebrate the history of capitalism in all forms. Monuments, statutes, museums, birth places of great business minds, marketplaces, exchanges, and any geography of note in the long history of people doing business.

Dumb Google – A search engine technique that uses the most novice and basic terms assuming Google will lead you to the right answer faster than with specific and expert terms.

Gear Delay – A delaying tactic based on the idea that you need more or better equipment to start making something.

Intellectual Asshat – Anyone who credits Ayn Rand as an inspiration.

Life Stack – List of the tools and apps I use to run my life.

TKOA (Those Kind of Assets) – Originally coined by Dan Hon, TKOA are the tools and products being used by professionals that will eventually trickle down to the masses and enable a creative revolution.